Biggest problem of my life !!!

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    Hey everybody, i have a big problem and i am really worrying about it . I came here to ask because i really need you guys.

    My problem : is that i ejaculate less sperm and can't get hard easily...

    I don't understand.. Everything changed in like less than 3 days ! 3 days ago( last pmo) , i did it with no problem. I always found it easy to pmo and i can do it at least 3 times in less than 3 hours with noproblem ( which is a bad thing i know).

    But today, i relapsed twice after 3 days no pmo , i did have a problem because it wasn't easy to pmo and i found that i had at LEAST 10 × Less sperm than my normal ejaculation...

    I never had a problem with pmo and i always got excited about everything, but today i don't understand .. it is like if my body stopped producing sperm.
    I always read threads of people with pied and i always found it strange, but know i understand them feelings by having Pied...

    I am sorry for the english mistakes and hope you will answer me . I have been trying to quit pmo for 1year and half now but i never passed 1 week because of my libido. I always had really hard urges and boners even at day 1! I even prayed god that i will stop having urges and hard boners just to stop pmo, but i really regret it now that i feel what some other people may call pied.

    Some advices ? Thank you so much guys i really need you !
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    If you just do semen retention and live well your sperm will be better quality. Increase fat and protein consumption compared to carbs.
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    But what i don't understand is that i never had a problem ... i always had good " quality sperm" but this is the first time in my life i feel like that so i am confused. I am trying to stop pmo and i think that will even motivate me more to stop fapping !
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    Your brain/body adapt to your physical activity (or sexual activity). If one is engaged in artificial sexual activity (like P or M) then your brain will notice this difference. If you have been accustomed to a certain pattern of sexual activity such as PMO for years, and move on to marriage in the future, your brain will notice the difference as well.

    E.g. some people when they move on to a partner after pmo cannot get an erection. However after staying away from PMO there is healing.
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    I never had sex, i can not even fap with porn . I always had no problem to fap with or without pron. But last 2 days, each time i ejaculate there is no sperm that get out...

    I think i found the problem, and now i really don't know what to do rip.

    For those who speak french search : " ejaculation retrograde". It is really something really intersting so go search it

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