Bill Gates Divorces - 130B Split !!!

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    As many of you don't already know:
    Bill gates divorced from his wife !!!!

    How's in life someone with 1 Billion Dollar can ever get Divorced?

    If you had $1B, you could spend over $27000 every single day for 100 years! Every single day, Mon to Sun for 36500 days.

    It means that you can buy Diamonds, rings, cars to your Women every single day.
    So she'll never think of Divorcing with you. she'll be so pleased and satisfied with the materialistic thing i'd offer to her !

    Guys let's all reply to this thread with :
    If i was Bill Gates what would i've done with 1Billion Dollar:

    If i was Bill Gates:

    For me to be honest, if i Had this much Money, i would be the Happiest Person in the World, and also instead of getting married, i Would spend 100,000$ every Month, Spend on my Self, Have Best Clothes ever,Have a Hot Girlfriend (i wouldn't care if they are Gold Diggers or not), i would spend my Money on my friends, family, giveaways, I would buy a lot of Mansions, buy a new car every month, have at least 10 lamborghinis, and 10 ferraris. and most importantly i would do the same lifestyle that : dan bilzerian have

    If i was bill Gates, I would have been married with the Sexiest and Beautiful women in the world.
    My wife would be her=>

    My Car:

    There is a Quote that says:
    Riches are too dumb to be happy and are always afraid of losing their money and are very boring

    I don't understand why in the hell someone with 1 Billion dollar will be afraid of spending his Money and Enjoying Life, and Not be Boring..

    Omg.. just give me your money guys ! seriously..

    I feel that all Rich people are Boring:
    1) They don't marry the Best and Beautiful women in the world
    2) They don't drive Lamborghini
    3) They don't have the Biggest Mansion in the World
    4) They don't Burn Money
    5) They don't buy expensives things
    6) They don't get in a relationship with the Most beautiful womens in the world
    7) They don't Flex / Show off <= And that is the most important thing
    8) They don't even go to Gym

    I feel like Billions of Money are always given to the Wrong people and Boring ones...

    If i had this much money, i can guarantee you that all this World would know my Name ;) for Flexing
    And everyone will wish to be Me

    I'm sorry but i don't want to be Mean or anything, but Bill gates Wife's is not the Best looking women in the world, and there is a Lot of Hot and Beautiful womens on Earth, I mean you have 1 Billion why would you be with an Average Women??? I don't understand billionaires! they seriously loose their neurons after becoming Rich or something, If i was A Billionaire, even if i had 70 years old or something, i Would Marry the most beautiful women in the World ! And i would love that everyone see me as the Best.

    Success for me is :
    1) Having a Lot of Money
    2) Marrying the most beautiful Women alive
    3) Having a Big Mansion

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  2. Dude , what's your deal? Don't you already have a wife?
  3. And you want people to give their own money to you? Why should they? Do you think you can make better investments or something?
  4. You sound like you are obsessed with money. There is more to life than money and spending it.

    Materialistic people are generally more likely to be unsatisfied and unfulfilled with life.
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  5. gordie

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    I know what you mean, bro. If I was a billionaire i would have a synthetic vagina grown like how people grow human ears on rats: a real vagina but w nothing attached. Then I would have it attached via a robot in device in my pants to my boy. That way I could just coom day and night, every second of the day.

    I’d be cooming on Oprah, cooming on Fox News, cooming on Megyn Kelly’s podcast

    oh yeah and I’d get a Toyota
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  6. alexandrebois

    alexandrebois Fapstronaut

    Well my life was not always like that,
    I used to be A Rich person in Life, and to have a lot of money, and one Day my Business went bankrupt.
    Then all of sudden everyone stopped respecting me: My family, my friends, my Wife wanted a Divorce, and i lost my Car, and my house, and it was a Shock.

    I was the best and in top of the Society, and went back to the bottom of it.

    So i know what money gives, and the status and how people treat you when you are rich compared to when you are a Poor person, you have no interest for most people

    For me, Money is more important than everything
    I would choose Money Over ANYTHING in this World ! trust me

    Without money you can't Live..
    For example, i can't travel because i don't have money
    i can't food that i want because i don't have money and it's expensive af
    i can't drive a car because i don't have Gas for it
    i can't have a Girlfriend because i don't have money (i can't pay for restaurants, cinema, gas, etc..)

    So without Money, you are basically Dead
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  7. alexandrebois

    alexandrebois Fapstronaut

    Money is very personal for me.
    I know what it can gives you when you are Smart ;)
    It can opens all the Doors for you.
    Fake Friends, Gold Diggers, Family that Fake Respecting you, People that will fake being so nice to you, Good Food, traveling, Driving beautiful cars, going out with Beautiful womens, buying expensives clothes, going to expensives hotels, living the Life day for day, spoling your friends, spoiling your girlfriend..

    I miss all of this even if it was Fake, but i can assure you that i miss it ! i don't care if people was loving me for my Money and not for "Me"

    It's always better to have money and having fake friends than to be broke and with no friends...

    Fake Friends and Gold Diggers are FUN.
    Being all alone in your House with no penny is NO FUN trust me
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  8. I think you prove my point here. You will never be fulfilled with this kind of lifestyle. Of course if you surround yourself with like minded money hungry people they will leave you at the first sign of trouble.
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  9. alexandrebois

    alexandrebois Fapstronaut

    I pray god every day to become a Billionaire, and i'll show all the World who I really am !

    If only i was a True Billionaire, Omg...

    Life would be soo Enjoyable

    I would live Heaven down here ;)

    Cause trust me

    => No money no honey
    No money no friends
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  10. alexandrebois

    alexandrebois Fapstronaut

    I've already had fake people into my life, they were always with me, the only thing is that i was paying for everything: restaurants, giving them money, spoiling them etc...
    So yeah they were with me for my money, BUT they were giving me so Much fun and sharing ideas etc
    True friendship and True love is something i always struggled to have in Life untill i became rich, and i got it but it was fake
    But it's always better than being Broke with 0 penny

    As i said, hungy people will never leave you man and especially if you are a Billionaire
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  11. I think Bill Gates don't think that way you think. So am I.
    You are saying I used to be rich. Was your mindset like that at that time? I mean it is difficult to achieve your goals with that mindset, so you were not like that.
  12. Anti-Hero

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    Really? Why not hire an escort then? It's not like you're interested in hearing what the girl has to say and you can hire multiple hookers, wifes are limited to one... Or just buy a fleshlight, they're more pleasurable than real pussy. Get a VR headset and watch porn all day. Snort coke, take heroin, meth,... Those things are even more pleasurable than sex with hot women.

    Wait, actually you can do those things right now, you don't need a billion for that. Do it and then report back how happy you are.

    Prediction: you'll be even more miserable than now. Happiness is achieved by giving, not taking.
  13. alexandrebois

    alexandrebois Fapstronaut

    No, Porn has nothing to do with real sex

    Real sex you feel your partner, while in Porn you can't touch her etc...
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  14. Hadrian3

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    They hadn't just taken these money from a genie or something like that. Maybe if they were into spending so much, they wouldn't become billionaires in the first place?
  15. SickSicko

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    That's some serious bullshit my man, sorry for being so blunt.

    You admit it was fake therefore you never actually got it.
    It may sound cliche, but there are things, money cannot buy.

    Money does not equal happiness or enjoyment, it just equal lack of necessity and financial struggle, you can be a billionaire and be a miserable person, surronded by fakeness, surronded by luxuries, no needing anything, yet with a hole in your chest nothing seems to fill.

    Obviously, is better having money, than not having money, but life is not about money.
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  16. I'm not saying that stealing someone's money is good but jk yes I am who's coming with me
  17. also dude, money doesn't give you love
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  18. Mr Rn

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    I really hope you're a kid...

    Seriously though, these dreams aren't healthy. Go out there, dream of getting a good job and earn that money. Being fortunate is a real thing but is unrealistic, and you'll grow to realise you don't want to inherit everything.
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  19. You pray God to give you know that Jesus was the first that repudiate money? Gospels said a lot about that, anyway i hope Peep Gates will answer to you. imagine enter in your bank account ad see he really gived to you 1B lol
  20. alexandrebois

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    and then you wake up in the morning yeah already hapened xD
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