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    Once I started fapping. I'm binging like hell. I went to 6 times fap. I couldn't control my behavior. How can I stop this??
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    Because your addiction is trying to tell you things like " well you already did it once, you may as well do it again since you already messed this day up "!
    The reason you fapped in the first place was either because of stress, anxiety , shame , numb negative feelings. The moment you fapped the first time, I bet you felt like shit right ? What's the thing you used to make yourself not feel bad ? More fapping ! The more you fapped, the shittier you felt , which caused more fapping. !
    I think step one is just understanding what's going on, and why .
    Chances are when you were younger you found fapping made you feel good. Back then you didn't see negatives to that. You found something that worked. So why change it. Now .... You're seeing the negatives of what fapping , and porn does.
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    Man you’re a Dandapani follower!
    The best way to answer this question is by thinking for yourself.
    Although here’s my view:

    By PMOing, we are playing with our DAMN lives. I’ll tell you why:
    Ejaculation is weakening our immune system. A hell lotta energy goes into M and binging. A hell lotta Nutrients that the body has taken a lot of time to prepare are going down the drain. All that food you’ve eaten. All that sleep you have spent nearly one-third of your life on. All that water your drink everyday.
    Your freaking brain requires 1/4 th of the energy you will ever have produced. And When you M, you are creating an immense competition for your brain and of course the WHOLE OF YOUR living body!
    Say that a session Of PMO lasts 20 min, your heart has beaten about 1400-1500 times and pumped all that blood! For what? So that you bust your balls out and in a way Vomit the food you’ve eaten? You do this 20 times a month and see how much of your Energy, Time, Immunity you have wasted!
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