Black Friday guns and ammo sales

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  1. dankestmemes

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    Be on the lookout for guns and ammo sales for Black Friday! Best time to stock up because everything will be going fast! Use to search for bulk ammo cheap and TRAIN. Having a weapon doesn't mean shit unless you TRAIN (I'm looking at you safe queens). Watch John Wick for legit drills to train. Especially off-hand and awkward positions. For you concealed carry folks, winter is coming so don't forget to practice clearing multiple layers of clothing on your draw.
  2. onceaking

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    Lol! I'm planning to buy a coat on Black Friday... This will be the first time I've bought anything on Black Friday.
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  3. Exit the Matrix

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    True. Tempted to pamper myself for the coming winter.
  4. DerSchütze

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    Please don't watch john wick for drills, just look them up online.
  5. FellatiousD

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    This whole post is a giant bait
  6. dankestmemes

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    You know Keanu Reeves actually trains 3-gun right? He learned quite a bit cool shit to use in the movie's choreography, far more advanced stuff than Mozamique Drill at the range.

    Ha, you're right! Like Hickok45

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