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    It may sound like a surprise but I have friends. I know, u still can't believe that sentance you just saw. How can that be. That is against all possibilities. I have this friend, who is my closest friend. He is leaving though. The person that I have a crush on moves out of my area and she would never know I liked her. And I would never know if she would have said yes or no. I just feel so lonely.
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    There are plenty of fish in the sea.
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    @sighingspider , I am sorry you are feeling this way. That sounds very tough. Will you still able to be in touch with your close friend? I know communicating by phone isn't as fulfilling as meeting in person, but it might help. As far as that girl you have a crush on, that's tough too. I'm not sure what to say, but I"m here to support you. You are in my prayers.
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    Every friendship comes with an expiration date and it must. We move on, experience new adventures, and if we're lucky we meet up again with lots of new tales to tell each other.
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    Sorry to hear about your friend leaving! The worst thing you can do is turtle up in your home and not put yourself out there though. Keep living your life! Go out and do things that make you happy! Make a habit out of it! If you do those things enough, eventually you’ll meet new people that like the same thing and you can make new friends that way!
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    Thanks guys. Reading your comments really helped me a lot. It feels funny that even though I haven't met anyone here in real life, that I know where to go when I am feeling down

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