Blocking WIFI on Android (Samsung)

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  1. Hey guys,

    I want to completely block the WIFI feature on my Samsung Android phone. Anyone knows how to do this? The idea is I won't be able to connect to a WIFI netwoek even if I want to. For a period of 2 weeks.
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    There isn't a foolproof way of doing this, because if you are technologically advanced, and have a strong will, you will overcome your own barriers.

    I don't have my phone right now, but I can give suggestions for things you can look into. :)
    Even if your phone is not rooted, you can disable the WiFi device through a terminal and a few commands. (ip, ipconfig, etc.) However, this is undone with a reboot, so you would need to do this every time you restart your phone. If you have root permissions, I am pretty sure you could add these commands into a shell script and put it in a "run-at-startup" sort of folder, somewhere in your phone's system.

    You can look up how to use the "ip" command, but this is what I'd do from memory (hopefully I remember everything correctly):
    Check the name of the WiFi device by typing "ip link show." It should look like "wlan0".
    Try something like "ip wlan0 down".

    If you want to have it happen automatically at startup you should 1) Have root permissions, and 2) look up the android boot up process to learn where to put the commands.

    I'd advise you have experience with a shell before, and know how to navigate and modify filesystems using the terminal. You should be able to use something like Terminal Emulator for Android to accomplish the entire task. Or, if you have root permissions, my favorite terminal emulator is Termux. Just write "su" to get into the system shell.

    You could take less restrictive alternatives like, but I hope you can figure something out! ;)
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  3. Thanks so much man. I'll look into that.

    I have OFFTIME which I could use to disable a selection of apps from my phone but this works only up to 23:59 hours per day, i.e. there will be one minute each day where I will be able to turn off the automatic schedule.

    I guess I could configure it so that minute happens at like 4AM, but I'm worried I'll set an alarm and wake up to turn the schedule off.

    The thing is I plan to shelter myself in a wildnerness cottage for 2 full weeks, without any electronics whatsoever. But I have to bring my phone with me because I saved a selection of stretching and pilates routine videos as well as a selection of tibetan bell ambiant sounds and I also have my guided meditation app on there, and the GPS which I'll definitely need.

    Unfortunately, even in the middle of nowhere they still have WIFI in the cottage I rented. I want to limit myself to the 1GB data plan I'll have on my phone for those two weeks and not use the Internet.

    I guess I can ask the landlord NOT to give me the WIFI password. Lol. That would be easier.

    But your android config looks really promising.
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    One more thing that I'd do: once you arrive, uninstall the terminal app. You won't be able to undo anything until you get back; once back home you can download the terminal APK onto your laptop from online, and copy it to your phone via USB. Then you can install the terminal app and undo your personal barrier so you can access WiFi again.

    I'd give much more helpful instructions but I am not using my phone at all right now so I can't test it out for myself. I apologize for the vagueness.

    But if it all seems too complicated, it truly would be better to ask the landlord to not give you the WiFi password. :)
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