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  1. gunslinger215

    gunslinger215 Fapstronaut

    I got this game a long time ago but never found the motivation to play it because it requires a lot of time investment and I just wasn’t bothered.
    Since quitting PMO and starting my nofap run, I’m highly motivated to conquer this game. Wish me luck!
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  2. haha you will need more than luck, but its worth it.
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  3. gunslinger215

    gunslinger215 Fapstronaut

    Hoping to “git gud” :D
  4. This is your first soulsborne game?
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  5. Onehope

    Onehope Fapstronaut

    If you havent played any Dark Souls games here's my advice to have a good time with this game.

    1-This is not a hack and slash game.

    Despite having weapons and monsters to kill the key is strategy, patience, and balance, you need to learn how to evade and counter attack. There is a parry system where while you hold your weapon and gun at the same time you attack with your gun just before the enemy attacks you stunning them for a second, here you attack with your weapon and you do a special attack, this is key to win in this game.

    2-Explore EVERYTHING. You get to rescue people and get good stuff from them, so dont try to beat the game fast, take your time.

    3-Keep every armor piece you find and dont sell it.

    The bonuses and stats these have can save your butt.

    4-Fully upgrade your weapon of choice.

    This game lacks the variety on the main weapon so go crazy and upgrade it.

    5-Umbilical cords

    Use them if you want the true ending, you need at least 3, theres a total of 4. Not gonna spoil how you find them, thats up to you :)

    6-Have fun

    This game is about strategy and exploration, might as well have fun!

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  6. gunslinger215

    gunslinger215 Fapstronaut

    Thanks a lot dude :)
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  7. gunslinger215

    gunslinger215 Fapstronaut

    Just defeated Cleric Beast muddafukkas!!
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  8. gunslinger215

    gunslinger215 Fapstronaut

    Also I brought down father Gasgoine to about 20% health but then he turned into a monster and destroyed me. I was about to use the music box on him but he was too fast. Gotta try again
  9. gunslinger215

    gunslinger215 Fapstronaut

    The trick for normal enemies is to take them on one at a time. If there are groups of enemies, try to separate them. Otherwise they’ll gang up on you and it will turn nasty pretty quick. Look for choke points where you can funnel them one at a time or distract one of them using pebbles. Most of them are really dumb and you can sneak up behind them and do a charged R2 attack, leaving them disabled and ready to be devastated by a visceral attack. God I love this game
  10. gunslinger215

    gunslinger215 Fapstronaut

    Upgraded my Saw Cleaver to +2
  11. gunslinger215

    gunslinger215 Fapstronaut

    I played some Dark Souls 1 but I couldn’t get past Capra Demon
  12. i currently play AC Origins but Bloodborne is my all time favourite game.
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  13. gunslinger215

    gunslinger215 Fapstronaut

    I haven’t played Orgins yet but I love open world games.
    I finished Zelda Breath of the Wild a while ago, I love that game as well
  14. gunslinger215

    gunslinger215 Fapstronaut

    Beat Father Gasgoine and Blood Starved Beast today!
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  15. Whats your progress, beat Amelia already?
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  16. gunslinger215

    gunslinger215 Fapstronaut

    Yup, beat her yesterday! Currently in forbidden woods.
  17. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    Man if I had a slick windows machine I'd definitely be playing this, sadly bootcamp on mac mini doesn't suffice, it just about handles 'little nightmares'.
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  18. Clean Plate

    Clean Plate Fapstronaut

    Its such a good game. I platinumed it on ps4. There is a trailer for Bloodborne 2 on youtube check it out!
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  19. Bloodboorne 2 ? if you mean shadow die twice its not confirmed
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