Blue Balls in Relationship During Hard Reboot

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Fyd2189, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. Fyd2189

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    Yesterday I hit day 30 of no PMO (!), which was obviously pretty exciting. I’ve been going out with someone I really like for the last few weeks. We’d kissed only once before, and not for very long. Yesterday we were just hanging out outside laying on a picnic blanket and started making out and getting really close. Since it’s been 30 days with no PMO, I got pretty aroused pretty quickly, and there was even a good bit of precum, though it was really just making out and a little bit of cuddling. A little bit later, when things had calmed down, I noticed that I had some seriously blue balls, to the point that it was noticeably pretty uncomfortable for several hours. I was planning on trying to do 90 days no PMO, but I feel like maybe if that is going to keep happening, I just need to start MO again, just thinking about this person and other real life experiences rather than P. Wondering if anyone else has had this dilemma before, and what you think I should do?
  2. Branchman

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    Do you really believe that it is worth to MO just because blue balls? Your body will naturally expell your semen (wet dream/nocturnal emission). Don't you think having this pain or beeing uncomfortable for a little time and NOT PMO will be much more valuable than MO and don't have the pain?
    This pain (blue balls) might be temporary, the pain of beeing addicted to PMO is a lot worse.
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  3. liujc

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    I think you may try to have real sex with that girl? If not, start MO might not be a bad idea. But it depends on you. In my view, no PMO is just a way to cure us and make us get rid of the serious problem of porn addiction. Naturally, we are all human beings, which means we are supposed to have sexual desire. Then why we are here? Just because we have abnormal sexual desire or porn addiction. If you think the activity is normal like having real sex or MO while thinking about that girl or other real experience, then go ahead. I don't think it should be a big problem.
  4. p1n1983

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    Nofap weakens the pathways to porn in your brain.
    Real sex reinforce the pathways that are healthy in your brain.
    so I vote for "you should have sex with her"
  5. ola501

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    I second that!
  6. TheJetDude44

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    Third! The point of no PMO is to be able to have real sex again. If your getting erections that you feel are hard enough for sex go for it is basically your body telling you its time for the next step.
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  7. bluegrey

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    I can get erection by making out with my girlfriend, but I think it's not hard enough and I cant mantain it long enough, should I do hardmode? If yes, how long? My PIED is actually pretty severe, I have this since like 10 years ago and I dont cure it.
  8. FellatiousD

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    30 days is nothing, sorry to say it. Having a girlfriend is nice but don't let it distract you from your goal

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