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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Nivek1978, Dec 11, 2020.

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    I’ve not masturbated for 8 or 9 days and my balls are hurting man what shall I do? Also is this community against just porngraphy or is it against masturbation of any kind?
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  2. Drambuie

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    Massage balls to stimulate blood flow to ease pain. Take cold shower that should help.

    This site is to help with your journey to fight against porn addiction. Masturbation without porn is up to you if thats what decide.

    Read around the forums and especially save a copy of the handbook off the front webpage here. Any questions ask around.

    Good Luck.
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    Your goals are up to you. Personally, I found masturbation and porn just two sides of the same coin, so I chose to stop both. It is also the most effective way to reboot from all the harm done from instant sexual gratification over the years.

    Blue balls is something that will pass. It can be exacerbated by sexual fantasising, so watch that. To ease it, dangle your plums in some cold water or wrap some ice in a towel and hold it against them for a few minutes. You will be fine Nivek.
  4. Peter.Parker10

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    Abstaining from masturbation during your reboot can help you heal faster from PMO. Try not to worry too much about the physical withdrawal symptoms, it might take you to relapse. Just focus on getting your reboot done, and at the end of it, you'll be able to enjoy the powerful results.
  5. InTheWilderness

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    I keep on hearing “blue balls” but not sure if I have ever experienced it. How do I know if I have it?
  6. Little Prince

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    I used to get blue balls (strong pain in the testicles) when abstaining from masturbation for a while and fantasising about sex. I tried a few things to ease the pain but got fed up with it and just masturbated. After a few months of quitting only porn at first now I no longer get blue balls no matter what. I had days when I thought about sex the entire time, was abstaining from masturbating and still got no pain. Up to you if you want to endure it or masturbate. As you recover from porn addiction it should no longer happen although on my last noPMO I did get so horny that my penis was in pain, like swelling or something... Ah well, more recovery to do...
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    Man, had a similar situation not longer ago, when the blowj sucked completely, but if we don't feel anything that's our fault and we as men got to accept it. Keep going, hope you reach your 90 days. I'd advise to write it down into a journal, so when you'll feel like relapsing, because you will, you'll start reading about your own results and you'll then survive one more day. Good luck, and don't forget to socialize, as much as you can.
  8. Rustcan45

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    Simple. If your nuts gets too tight simply ejaculate in your hand and ravage the seed polishing off all 5 fingers. This tradition dates back to the Greeks and they invented the wheel.
  9. I've not completed anything over 21 days up until this attempt (I'm on day 17 today). But last time from about 2 weeks in, I had quite intense lower back pain. Felt like pressure was building up. More or less as soon as I m/o'd, the pain went. Partly what caused me to relapse was hoping it would clear the pain. But, I was instantly filled with regret and spiralled back in to regular pmo. I'm keeping an eye out for anything similar occurring again with a strong mindset not to give in. Physical discomfort to a certain degree seems to be fairly common when giving up a deep rooted pmo addiction. Plan is to now ride it out regardless and seek advice on how to manage said discomfort rather than assuming fapping is the answer.
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  11. Biceps King

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    For me it feels like someone kicked my balls 10 minutes ago, and it's still hurts but lightly (Disturbing light pain)
  12. Yeah they'll hurt.

    If you want my opinion you'll get a lot of opinions on here and a lot of bad opinions.

    My question first to you is "WHAT DO You actually want to achieve long term?"

    My personal experience and theory is that you need to completely go porn free and you need to at least temporarily stop masterbating for a up to 2 weeks and then potentially trying masterbating again but you need to CONTROL yourself.

    By that, set a standard, ok you can only jack it once a maybe you make it every Saturday is the one time a week you masterbate with absolutely porn or erotic stimulation and use that to help blow off the steam till you either get into a relationship or start having regular sex.
  13. IGY

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    You warn of bad opinions, and this is one! o_O

    You do not need to masturbate every couple of weeks to deal with blue balls. :eek: This opinion/advice is not helpful.
  14. Got any tips for eliminating fantasising as much as possible? Thanks.
  15. JoeinMD

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    This community a whole might not be for or against anything, really. It's a case-by-case basis. There are many interpretations, many recovery paths, and many reasons why guys are here. Why are you here? Are you addicted to pornography in a way that is counterproductive or harmful to your life or relationships? Are you addicted to masturbation in a way that is counterproductive or harmful to your life or relationships in any way? You need to seek recovery and discontinuance of partaking in whichever or both behaviors if you responded, "yes."

    Masturbation to orgasm is an instantaneous cure for blue balls, but it may not be a solution if yours is an addiction to masturbation or you want to get this addictive behavior out of your life. Some suggest gentle massage on the balls, which can alleviate, but some find this too stimulating, which leads to masturbation. Some suggest a cold shower to cool off things down there. Personally, I find that very alarming, agitating, and anxiety provoking (which continues to provoke addictive behavior afterward for me), and most of the cold water misses the testicular region besides. Even better, try a cold compress or ice bag on the testicles, protecting your skin with a cloth barrier, and making applications to the area in 10-minute intervals, having a period of rest (no compress) in between. This will sooth the throbbing region and even disconnect the hormonal signals sent to the brain for excessive sexual thinking. A compress in the same lower region can even be used to reduce the latter affliction (obsessive thinking), even when there's no particular discomfort in the testicular region. It's a marvelous remedy for trying to get to sleep at night, too.

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  16. A degree of master bating is that is moderated is helpful, total abstinence from it is entirely unnatural.

    Porn and masterbating to me aren't mutually inclusive.

    Porn is synthetic / unnatural not found in nature.

    Masterbating is a natural thing that humans and other animal species can do.

    Catch my drift ?
  17. Zero masterbating full stop is simply unnatural and bad advice.

    I'm for taking a long breaks, Ive done a month and the release when I had sex was like the greatest feeling out there, but if it wasn't for regular sex then I like to go once a week, to blow off steam and keep my body balanced and in zen, throw in a heavy exercise regime, meditation vegan diet, I think it works for me.
  18. IGY

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    The first thing I would say is, be aware that you are doing it. If fantasising is a particular problem for you, it can be so automatic, that you may not even be aware you are doing it sometimes. So, try and be more present to prevent any kind of daydreaming, especially sexual.

    Secondly, as with any triggers, act immediately. This is the single most effective strategy that has helped me reboot. It is easy to be lazy and allow yourself to think about sexual fantasies, look at p/subs, poke and prod your penis and so on. It is crucial to act quickly in each of these scenarios.

    Thirdly, do not simply stop fantasising. Immerse your brain in something else. Personally, I use music. There is nothing better for me than to put on some music I like and, if possible, sing along to it. Or at least follow the lyrics. I use a lyric site, so that my brain is focused on the music, the words and the meaning of them, ergo, the fantasies are pushed out.
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    I disagree. Let's leave it there.
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    Well, that tells you that you're succeeding by refraining from porn and masturbation combined. Success is NOT COMFORTABLE!!! What it means that you have to go through pain and it's temporary. It will get better from time to time. Two choices: excuses or results. Can't have both. That's part of journey of nofap/semen retention.

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