Body re-absorbing unreleased semen...

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  1. SRG444

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    I’ve heard this happens when you go weeks without ejaculating, that your body absorbs the semen and gives you nutrients. Two questions: Is the cycle for this similar for everyone (~2 weeks) and will you gain testosterone once that cycle happens? What physically does it mean for you when your body absorbs unused semen?
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  2. gagate

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    DUring my first period of reboot, after 2 months, i had a nightly emission, then when i purified my mind they stopped, from my experience your strength, both mental and physical and spiritual goes up.
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    Im not one of those kinds, who go months without busting a nut. What i can tell you is, that im doing "reloading". So i do a fapstop for 2 or 3 days till my energies have been built up again. You will gain testosterone over a period of 2 weeks, then it will declines, a perfect moment to masturbate is after 2 weeks. Then it will naturally increase testosterone. It needs to be said, that younger man have a lot more testosterone and sexual energy so masturbation is iny my opinion fine

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