Body shaming 'my body-my choice'???

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  1. So I just saw a viral video about female YouTubers talking about body shaming 'my body, my choice' and found out that it's NOT allowed to comment in any way, shape or form on a woman's body. "Nobody has the right to comment on a woman's body" because apparently that is defined as 'body shaming'. It's insane. I cannot say that I think hairy legs or armpits look unattractive on a woman. I cannot say that I think a woman who is overweight looks unattractive. No, I am simply a disgusting body shamer for expressing my own aesthetic tastes and preferences. It's so cringy. 'Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee women can do whatever they want with their own body, shut up with your toxic opinion reeeeeeeeeeee'. Uh yeah they can? Me expressing my opinion has absolutely nothing to do with dictating someone how to live their own life. I am a woman myself so it makes no sense to be "shaming" my own gender. How does that even make sense to give a stranger's opinion the power to control one's own life? Oh no, watch out for people who tell you the earth is flat, you will get scared to fall off the earth with their opinion-superpowers! We must censor them!! If I tell someone their nose looks funny, I am responsible for them getting nose surgery? Because we have an innate sense of beauty which is reflected in society's beauty standards, attractive people's existence is to blame for someone's plastic surgeries or eating disorders? What? It's not my fault people are so fragile and have damaged self esteem to define themselves by other's opinions. Every woman has to kiss another woman's ass nowadays because otherwise they are 'disrespecting whamen >:3' and shaming. I cannot criticize someone's looks/behavior/actions if they are women, because unga bunga, that just automatically means I'm being anti-woman. 'You think period blood is gross? Omg, you misogynist!!!' I feel so bad for men these days how they have to be forced to be 'simping' and white knighting just to not be labelled as sexist and misogynistic. I am half Italian and when I see people put pineapple on their pizza, I find it gross. I have said many times, I think it's gross to eat pineapple on pizza. That's my opinion. Yet I have never ever been accused of pizza-shaming anybody. I have never been accused of dictating someone what they should and shouldn't eat on their pizza. I mean, it would only seem logical that I have a right to express my opinion freely. It would only seem logical that my opinion, thoughts in my own head, don't affect anybody else's life and choices and opinions. It would only seem logical that nobody defines their self-worth by some stupid ass food item that happens to be disliked by a random person. It would only seem logical that someone who likes to put pineapple on their pizza doesn't give a single damn about someone else thinking it's gross. Because news flash: everyone can BY LAW do whatever THEY want and anybody can think whatever THEY want. But nono, not when it's about women. Poor women are oppressed by the mere existence of an opinion. Any sort of critical opinion about a woman is considered toxic and sexist. It's absolutely normal and natural to reflect on one's environment and express one's own perspective on something. Disapproving of or critizing something with logical and rational arguments has NOTHING to do with shaming. Freedom of expression is recognized as a human right, please look it up. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Nobody has the right to tell another person they can't express themselves, as long as they don't harm anyone. And no, someone's damaged self-esteem is their responsibility, not mine. I've even defended someone here once who was labelled misogynistic by a majority of people for no reason. It was just feminazis and white knights ganging up on someone because.. reasons?

    But whatever, this post will probably get deleted for being "sexist". Go me for shaming my own gender then.
  2. Well for starters its YouTube and alot of times they turn comments off or the poster can . Makes me wonder why they allowed the video in the first place if they didnt want comments. These days to have an opinion that goes against the main stream is wrong somehow . Its getting harder to post on the internet these days without someone getting upset and demanding the post be taken down. Who knows maybe this post may be taken down
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    Sometimes feminists are crazy. I'd rather them content themselves with gender equality.

    It's absolutely gross. Let's just not call it pizza
  4. Spot on. People have become so soft. What happened to the ole “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”?? Now if you say something wrong, it’s an “act of aggression or violence” smh
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    Very simple here. If they don’t ask. Don’t tell.
  6. That is very spot on
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  7. I don't understand, are you saying people shouldn't have the right to express their opinion? Why?
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    If Christians aren’t free to preach what’s in the Bible, then no one is safe. They will eventually come for all of you sooner or later. :)

    There’s that famous saying... they came for the ..... but I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t ..... then they came for me and there was no one else left to stand up for me. Forgot how it went but that’s the gist of it.

    They did a pretty good job of trying to silencing Christians and they’ll keep on pushing until they can outlaw the Bible.
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  9. I identify as pineapple and I am offended:mad:
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    I identify as an attack helicopter and if anyone has a problem with that, I'm going to report ya to the cyber police. My body - my choice :oops:
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  11. I think you don't have to worry about them responding to it at all. I can say things and trigger a lots of people, but not that I worry about how much they are going to throw at me.
    I mean, its not your first day on this earth. Why are you even surprised? :D
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  12. Facking fascists.
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    Sir/ma'am/it please don't pay attention to these IGNORANT, FACIST, SCIENCE DENYING, literal NAZIS and hate-filled PEICES OF CRAP, just focus on you, live your life, and be what you truly are, a pineapple.:emoji_relieved::emoji_blush::emoji_relieved::emoji_relaxed::emoji_relieved:.

    *this post is sarcastic for anyone that doesn't get that
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    No, not at all. I just don’t see the point in expressing your opinion about someone else’s body. What do you have to gain?
  15. You are contradicting yourself. You said word for word 'don’t tell'. Implying you think people shouldn't express their opinion if they aren't asked. Now you are just questioning the purpose of expressing one's opinion?

    It's a human reaction to express thoughts. If it's raining outside, I will note that 'it's raining outside' or that it's a nice day outside. There are many different contexts in which it makes sense to express personal thoughts and relate to someone else's thoughts/actions/looks. And even if there wasn't any purpose, how does purpose correlate with having the right to do something? What kind of logic is that? What's the purpose of someone wearing sunglasses during winter time? It doesn't affect me or hurt me in any way, so I won't be a dictator and tell someone they shouldn't do something that has no purpose. Freedom of expression is a human right and unless it's verbal abuse or hate speech, not harmful.
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    When i was weak pepple joked about my arms being weak , i used that body shaming as fuel to improve and now everybody says im quite good , my friends who dont workout say im a beast , gym bros say im doing good

    So body shaming is good for me , it helps me improve, because its not ok to be weak
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  17. Mistersofty

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    Yes, we have the right to express our opinions. I’m not arguing that. If you want to criticize someone’s appearance, you have every right to. Have at it. Just make sure you do it face to face and not from behind a computer screen or cellphone.
  18. I'm curious about the context of this rant. Did you get downvoted on reddit or something? Did your youtube comment get removed?

    Aren't you kind of implicitly saying that right now?

    I mean, that's slightly different from calling people unattractive for having fat or hair.

    From my perspective, life has been pretty good as a man. I don't feel like I have to *** or white-knight for anyone. And I don't think anyone's ever called me sexist.
    I agree 100% with the second part of this.
    Out of curiosity, is there a specific opinion you have in mind?
    Have to disagree here. I think emotional health is a combination of internal and external factors. Self-esteem is easily influenced by interaction with other people. Interpersonal relationships are very complex. For example, people can (and do) get verbally bullied the point of suicide. You can't just turn around and say "fuck 'em, they shouldn't have let it get to them."

    @AngelofDarkness I'm not against you or anything, but I'm just worried that you might be letting the internet get to you. I don't think that this kind of anger just comes from a random youtube video. So maybe take a break and focus on yourself for a while. You don't have to be nice to other people, it's completely optional. Peace.
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    Well, shaming obese people maybe makes them reconsider their lifes and get of the bacon-train, it's not that I have nothing to gain, they have to gain...

    Tough-love sometimes is healthy you know...

    Like... eehhh you are getting too fat soon you ain't going to be to walk through the door you bacon gobbler..
    Or a classic, hei are you pregnant or are you drinking too much beer lately?

    My body my choice, accept me you fatphobic...

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