Bodybuilding and peer pressure

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Marik757, Feb 27, 2019.

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    So I been going to gym now for almost 2 months. I remember saying somewhere awhile back not to let gym goals kill your social circle.

    Recently I noticed I've been distancing myself from the good people in my life because of fear of peer pressure. This caused me to rethink my goals and make them more realistic. Am I going to the gym to compete and become Mr. Olympia? Or am I going to support an healthier lifestyle?

    This isnt an rant, but instead realizing my actions of distancing myself left me feeling like an emotional tampon around my friends. Yesterday me and 4 of friends were downtown and they wanted to go by an ice cream shop. Of course I reacted negatively, and started complaining... this made me feel weak socially and I wanted to just go home.

    In reality though this goes back to the realistic goals I mentioned above. I'm not going to the gym to compete and become Mr. Olympia, or just to look good for 2 weeks out of year. I'm going there to feel good, lift weight, and be healthy.

    That said one scoop of ice cream would had been fine vs. breaking down in front of my friends. Everything is fine in moderation which is the point of being on an healthy. No one is really going to stick to an workout diet for the rest of their life l. Once people hit their goals most will quit their diets.

    I know people have different goals when going to the gym, but most importantly you shouldn't kill your social circle in the process.

    What do yall think?
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  2. Marcelo48

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    Next time they want to eat ice cream don't complain, just go with them and have something else. There is no need to have a breakdown in front of your friends because you want to be healthy, as you don't need to sacrifice your social life as well. Find compromises, they are good things.
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  3. lamstronger

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    I think ice cream rarely wont destroy your fitness goals and yeah, like said above, you can order something else
  4. Marik757

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    Agreed, unfortunately I didnt realize it until after the fact. Especially over ice cream ha...

    I just need to learn to compromise with myself. Like they say leave your ego at home.
  5. CH3RRY

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    Yeah I'd say it depends on your goal. If you are trying to achieve something major, then it wouldn't make sense to stall your progress with anything unnecessary. One ice cream probably wouldn't have any big impact, but if you made a vow to yourself to only do things that will help you reach your goal, then you should stick to it. It all comes from your mentality. It's half-assed if you aren't giving it your all. But again, in your situation do you even need to give it all? A guy who is very obese and is running out of time before his life might end has to give it all.
  6. My mate wants us to down 'shakes' made up of whey protein and dragon soup (an alcohol / caffeine / taurine cocktail) before hardcore gigs. I think he may be clinically retarded but anyway, just go to the ice cream shop and don't eat ice cream.
  7. lif3

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    I feel you. I had this problem when I first started gym but I started gym only for health reasons and some aesthetics, not for competition.

    When I started, none of my friends were into working out but I had to let them know as time progressed that I cant eat junk all the time, I cant smoke anymore, no more drugs, etc. Overtime, they understood and once they started seeing the positive results I was getting, some of them started working out with me, eating clean, quit smoking, etc.

    You gotta remember, as you said, you go for a healthy body. And if you start screwing up with your social life just to hit your gym goals, it will likely be more detrimental to your health than not going to gym at all.

    My look on it is like this,
    I go to gym so I can potentially extend my life while I enjoy pleasurable moments with my family and friends which quite often includes unhealthy foods. In other words, I go to the gym so that I can eat a shit diet occasionally with people I know.

    I changed my diet to hit my gym goals and it's a diet I will probably never end, but that doesn't mean I wont eat buttered popcorn at the movies with my gf or junk diets occasionally with family, friends.

    I've seen so many guys get into this gym mentality where they let go off everything else just for some gainz, they get addicted to gym, they put gym above all other social events, above their friends, etc. Its a harmful addiction. Dont do it.
  8. Extraordinary people do extraordinary things.

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