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Discussion in 'Fitness' started by juniormelville, Feb 29, 2020.

  1. juniormelville

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    I just saw someone else asked for advice about lifting weights and got a lot of help, so I'd like to do the same with bodyweight training. There are no classes in my area.

    I find lifting weights at the gym quite unsatisfying. I do traditional martial arts so I really need flexibility and natural full-body co-ordinated power, not isolated strength and certainly not bulk.

    Can you recommend a good resource for a basic bodyweight training routine? I have a door-frame pull-up bar and I don't want to have to buy any more equipment.

    I'm 44 and reasonably fit (beat the other over-40s on the bleep test). I have some shoulder stiffness from an old injury and some muscles at the back of that shoulder are visibly smaller than the other side.

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  2. Mike28

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    I am quite the opposite of you. Love to train with weights but I hate bodyweight exercises. I'm not saying they are bad though! I am sure all of us could profit from some bodyweight training.

    Anyways, I've found a Athlean-X clip you might find useful. He's quite respected for his knowledge.

    He only uses the pull up bar (which you already own) and mixes in some cardio too. There's a couple of exercises that you might struggle with because of your shoulder issues tho, so take care!

    Enjoy, I'd love to hear from your experiences in the near future.
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  3. I also train bodyweight strength and mobility and like you I'm also a martial artist (judo and capoeira). The biggest resource for me was Read the wiki and FAQ - it might take a few hours to get through it all because there is a lot of information.
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  4. juniormelville

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    Thanks for the advice! I will start looking at those resources. Also thinking about kettlebells, if I can find a class.
  5. Also yoga. You can just go to a few classes until you know a lot of poses, then you can practice at home whenever you want. I never do only strength - flexibility is a must.
  6. jack_hammer

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    Do dand-baithak(hindu wrestler pushups and squats)
    the strongest men did dand-baithak,great gama and ram-murti. There's even an hindu guy alive today who can do the human chain feat with two speeding cars
  7. juniormelville

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    Thanks, lots of interesting stuff there. I've incorporated some exercises from the beginners routine. I really like the scapula exercises. Planks seem to be good for my lower back too. Today at the gym I just did rowing machine, some bodyweight exercises (I added kung fu horse stance) and lots of stretching.
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  8. juniormelville

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    Looks interesting but I wouldn't like to do those unless I'd learnt from a good teacher.
  9. DerSchütze

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    Weight training doesn't necessarily add bulk or reduce flexibility, and lifts like the deadlift utilize the entire body to build strength more efficiently than any bodyweight movement. But if you don't enjoy weight training there is no reason to do it, another user posted an Athlean-X video, and that channel is a great resource for proper exercise form. I enjoy doing dips, push ups, pull ups (varying grips), and L-Sits in addition to my weight training, although beware that bodyweight training can possibly build more muscle than something like powerlifting.
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  10. CameronGrah

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    I agree with you. Bodyweight training is the best. I don’t have anything against weight lifting, but I just don’t want to be buff. I love when the body looks natural and fit. I used to be in really bad shape for a long time, and when I started to hate myself, I decided to change everything. I began to look for a personal trainer who would be able to train me properly. I asked around, and everyone told me to visit a website that had everything I needed. I decided to check it out, and I was able to meet Lucas James. He is a professional personal trainer who changed everything for me. His training helped me develop, and now I’m not only fit but also really happy.
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