Book exerpts about controlling sex drive - GREAT STUFF!

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    First of; forgive me if this thread is placed in the wrong section.

    Outwitting the devil is a book that was written 1938 by Napoleon Hill (author of Think & Grow Rich)

    This book is a conversation between Napoleon and the devil, where Napoleon asks questions and the devil answers them.

    I've been reading it and just stumbled upon a section where sex drive is being discussed, and there were some great tidbits in there.It's mostly already known stuff, but it's great to see that a guy wrote about it in 1938 and it really reinforces my beliefs in nofap. What many call bro-science about attracting more females, about voice changing and stuff like that - this guy wrote about in 1938!

    There were more Q&A's about this topic in the book but I posted the ones I like the most

    Q How can one master the emotion of sex?
    By the simple process of transmuting that emotion into some form of activity other than copulation.

    Sex is one of the greatest of all forces which motivate human beings. Because of this fact it is also one of the most dangerous forces. If humans would control their sex desires and transmute them into a driving force with which to carry on their occupation-that is, if they spent on their work one half the time they dissipate in pursuit of sex, they would never know poverty.

    Q Is there any relationship between sex and leadership?
    Yes, all great leaders in every walk of life are highly sexed, but they follow the habit of controlling their sex desires, switching them into a driving force behind their occupation.

    Q Just what damage is there in over-indulgence of sex?
    The greatest damage is that it depletes the source of man's greatest driving force, and wastes, without adequate compensation, man's creative energy. It dissipates energy needed by nature to maintain physical health.

    Sex is nature's most useful therapeutic force. It depletes the magnetic energy which is the source of an attractive, pleasing personality. It removes the sparkle from one's eyes and sets up discord in the tone of one's voice. It destroys enthusiasm, subdues ambition, and leads inevitably to the habit of drifting on all subjects.

    Q I would like for you to answer my question in another way by telling me what beneficial ends the emotion of sex may be made to attain, if mastered and transmuted.
    Controlled sex supplies the magnetic force that attracts people to one another. It is the most important factor of a pleasing personality. It gives quality to the tone of voice and enables one to convey through the voice any feeling desired. It serves, as nothing else can serve, to give motive-power to one's desires. It keeps the nervous system charged with the energy needed to carry on the work of maintaining the body. It sharpens the imagination and enables one to create useful ideas.

    It gives quickness and definiteness to one's physical and mental movements. It gives one persistence and perseverance in the pursuit of one's major purpose in life.

    It is a great antidote for all fear. It gives one immunity against discouragement. It helps to master laziness and procrastination. It gives one physical and mental endurance while under-going any form of opposition or defeat. It gives one the fighting qualities necessary under all circumstances for self-defense. In brief, it makes winners and not quitters!

    Q Do I understand you to say that knowledge of the true functions of sex and ability to think accurately are the two things of greatest importance to mankind?
    That is what I intended you to understand. Accurate thinking comes first because it is the solution to all man's problems, the answer to all his prayers, the source of opulence and all material possessions. Accurate thinking is aided by properly controlled and directed sex emotion because sex emotion is the same energy as that with which one thinks.

    It begins with those who desire self-determination sufficiently to be willing to pay its price. No one can be entirely free-spiritually, mentally, physically, and economically-without learning the art of accurate thinking. No one can learn to think accurately without including, as a part of the needed knowledge, information on the control of sex emotion through transmutation.
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    I listened to the audio of this a few years ago and found it very interesting and motivating, I think I'll revisit it soon.
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    So, a man shouldn't act on his sex drive, so he can become wealthy and charismatic, thereby drawing all kinds of women to him... that he refuses to have sex with. I get intellectually what Hill is saying, but I don't understand the endgame. Sex is one of the best things in life, why opt out of it? Something doesn't add up... what am I missing?
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    He's not saying that, he's just talking about keeping it under control.
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    I read the book, and fount it very interesting. I believe a morale for this part of the book could be that, if your goal is to have a family and experience the love of a woman for his man, you will go 'hunting' for the potential partner that gets closer to your ideal one. To choose and be right at the first try, although possible, it's quite unrealistic. So, you have a second plan, consisting in selecting from a group of potential partners. What do you do? You express your better self in order to attract the group from which you'll select your unique choice. In a few words, be attractive to many, get to know them(even sexually), but only choose one to build a future together. That for me will create the conditions of intimacy and discipline for a man, or a woman, to prosper in life.
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    This is great man, thanks for sharing.

    Damn, Hill described sex as a therapeutic force, I wonder what he would've made of today's internet P - more like a sedative poison. One that does its damage whilst the brain is dulled and subdued.
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    Hi, I got a question for you and for anybody here who is more aware than me of these subjects. Actually, is there any practical advice about transmuting the emotion of sex in this book? I’m really interested in this topic, but I struggle finding adeguate sources.
    In order to be more clear, here is the point: I’ve heard about mastering and transmuting sex drive multiple times (I think that the example of Muhammed Alì is quite famous). However, my disappointment came from that fact: I never ever found an appropriate description of these processes. I would be pleased to have more information.
    By the way, thank you for sharing quotes from that book, I appreciated a lot.

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