Borring life = torture while doing Nofap

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  1. I realized a few weeks ago that doing PMO was a lot easier when mid school year where I had something draining my time. Compared to now, I have nothing to pass a lot of time that is healthy for me and, well, borring day->dark thoughts->masturbation.
    The cycle of life.
  2. eagle2020

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    Boredom is a huge trigger for any type of addiction!!! boredom= suffering and when we suffer (in this case being bored) we look for activities or habits that relieve our suffering(boredom) and in many cases we go for easy andbad habits such as smoking, drugs, watching porn, masturbation. so in ur case if u find an ENJOYABLE ANDFULFILLING activities for urself that u can spend ur free time doing then ur pornaddiction urge will subside cos u simply won't have enough time to watch porn while u get involved with other activities!!!
  3. StonePlacidity

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    more like the cycle of death lol

    we're in this together
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    Agreed nofap can be harder when theres less to do. But i find that youll find things to do once you get motivated to be the best version of yourself as you progress through nofap
  5. Hros

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    Find some new hobbies to keep you busy.
  6. Don't have an activity that could drain multiple hours in my life and be beneficial for me
  7. Hros

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    Then do more than one activity. Find new ones if you must.
  8. bigboibez

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    I understand your issue. This past year I was in my final year of university and have been on vacation for a few months now. I am often bored. But I still don't relapse (although it is much harder) because I have experience.

    The year before last I did a 'year in industry' where I was working full time and nofap was much easier. I start full time work in about a month so if I can stay clean until that I should be good for life.
  9. WallStreetMillionaire

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    yes i think this is what it's all about.

    good god, if you don't have a house=nothing to do.

    no money=nothing to do

    i guess at some point , enough boredom just makes you go nuts and all you can do is jerk off
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    I had someone say to me, “if you’re bored, you’re boring.”

    Here’s what I did. I found people I admire and looked at what they did with their spare time. Some commonalities:

    1) walking
    2) exercise: anything that gets the heart up
    3) reading: whatever you like, but make it books

    Start doing an hour of each, plus cooking your meals. Your day will gradually start to fill. I recommend taking up a sport, too. I play golf: I compete with myself but I have to practice and play. Gets me outside, moving and thinking.

    I’ve only got 5 days at this, but I’m a recovering addict so I’ve got some experience. We don’t do this to live soft. Get out there!
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  11. DeepParkWater

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    If you cant find anything positive to do which imoact your life in a world where you have all of humanity knowledge at the click of a button you need to seriously take a look in the mirror.

    There are many things to do, it sounds more like theres nothing you want to do that gives you the similar high to P
  12. I have grown to despise pornography, I don't find it any good nor barelly beneficial to me even sense ik about it
  13. Yeah thats pretty much my life ever sense the 20th of June
  14. Well, I do from 1:45-3 hrs of sport daily and I refuse to use 4€ out of my stockpile for a few hrs of fancier sport

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