Boy of 16 years from Argentina

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    Hi all.

    I am 16 years old that I turned in August of the previous year.
    I calculate that I met the porn world at 10, 11 years old. It was then that I found porn magazines, in my neighbor's garbage, I did not understand what I was looking at, but it quickly caught my attention, I looked for months at these magazines that I was hiding behind my mattress, I still didn't have a cell phone, but some friends told me as he has to masturbate, it was then that I combined porn magazines with Masturbation, PMO, 3 times a week until I was 13 years old, it was when they gave me my first cell phone and I had high speed internet. So, I looked for pornography and it was a tremendous shock to see that, for my mind it was very strong to see that penetration and to hear the moans, it was when PMO became more frequent, sometimes 1 time a day, sometimes twice a day. Well, in my 14 years I entered a soccer club, my knowledge of pmo damage was zero, but I knew that it made me feel weak, so I thought about leaving it to play soccer, (I did not know NoFap) but I did exercises and ate Well, then I rebooted without knowing like this for about 4 months that was when I fell for pornography again, I saw very dirty things at my age I know, I masturbated that way and it was until I was 15 years old, in 2020 before my 16th birthday that I met No -Fap, just looking for how to leave Masturbation I found a good Spanish channel that came to save me, this person from the YouTube channel offered a free 21-day course, Pablo Zamit.
    So I signed up, did my first day with enthusiasm, did everything he told me, everything commitment contract, meditation, regular exercise, cold showers, daily study of reboot materials and testimonial. And I got, my first time got up to 38 days, but ended up falling for an oversight, so I installed a porn blocker. My streak increased, and that was my best achievement, 77 days clean. The benefits were incredible. I even increased my height.
    But, I ended up falling again, after that I didn't have so many good streaks, only about 20 days, 30. Well, then this month before January I was falling too much, I had pollution 4 days in a row, that made me increase my desire to see porn, then I scoffed the blocker and fell many times, on the 28th I got up, and up to here I am clean, and I started again with the help of the 21-day course and I joined this forum to once and for all remove this vice before it becomes worse and stronger. I have to do my part to quit and make the most of my age. Greetings to all brothers, this year is ours !!
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    Grande bro yo empezé a tu edad tambien frustado porque sentia que todo me salia mal. Es un viaje de ida. Ahora tengo 19 y estoy donde quiero estar, sabe que es un compromiso de todos los dias y que no importa las veces que te caigas siempre tenes que seguir adelante que vale pena. No dudes en hablarme si tenes alguna duda.
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    You're lucky man you got to know the opponent at this still very young age. Many people lost their teenage and twenties life because of this shit. You can still be whoever you want. Think about it and fight hard.
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    Otro argento aca, segui tratando. Lo fundamental es buscar una razon fuerte para seguir en este camino.
    Por mas que te pajees de vez en cuando 1 paja cada 20..30 dias es muchisimo mejor que lo que venias haciendo de clavarte 1 o 2 por dia. Asi que ya venis mucho mejor que antes, si podes llegar a 90..100 dias entre pajas mucho mejor. La idea es evitar siempre el porno.
    Ya mas adelante vas a tener sexo y vas a tener orgasmos mas seguido pero sin necesidad de pajearte y menos que menos de mirar porno.
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    deep respect that you are doing this at sixteen. You will thank your 16 year old self all your life.
    Go for it! You can
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  6. Que beuno que tratas mejorarte en un edad bien joven.
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    Hi dude , I am 16 . I saw porn at the age 10 or 11.... it's such a nasty addiction. I eventually started to fap for it . Got addicted to pmo. Nofap is a really working and am on day 7 longest streak ever . Staying strong
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    I am so happy for you.
    You can make it.
    It's Good for found out at a young age.
    I am currently on my 36th day.
    We are not giving up.
    I would flee rather than fight it.
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    me too dude...happy for u you
    our life is going to change thats makes our greatest version with nofap
    lets stay strong.
    “A warrior is not a person that carries something destructive. The biggest war you ever go through is right between your own ears. It’s in your mind. We’re all going through a war in our mind, and we have to callus our mind to fight that war and to win that war”.

    By- David Goggins

    lets not give up .
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    You should chamge your name to Lionel Messi, not Keanu Reeves

    I dont like Keanu Rives
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    [QUOTE = "PanteriMauzer, publicación: 2967995, miembro: 421399"] Deberías cambiar tu nombre a Lionel Messi, no a Keanu Reeves

    No me gusta Keanu Rives [/ QUOTE]
    I like your John Wick movie.
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    But he is a skinny hero, i prefer Chuck Norris , Chuck Norris is a badass
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