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  1. So I'm the type of person who needs to have a lot going on constantly in order to function well. Currently I go to the gym 4 days a week, take salsa lessons (also on a dance team), and I have my own landscaping business. I don't like having a lot of spare time.

    However, it's about to be winter and this is the time of year that, in the past, I have fallen into disarray. Work slows significantly and there's less to do (I like to camp/hike/spend time outdoors). Between the cold and lack of activities it becomes far too easy for me to bum out and lose all my productive habits and such.

    Is there anyone who deals with similar issues? Any advice on how to make it through the winter without falling backwards?
  2. Seasonal affective is a problem for many. But, just as in every other season, outward expression as opposed to withdrawal is necessary.

    Some of us don't actually have any family to speak of, so we may feel abandoned during the holidays and the bleak midwinter.

    But, wait a minute. Winter break doesn't have to be like that at all. Have we considered volunteering at the soup kitchen? Have we considered brightening someone else's day by delivering care packages with the salvation army? Visiting our neighbors? Getting involved with church activities? Etcetera.

    No, there are points of light and contact that should be engaged. Somebody out there needs what you bring to the table. I guarantee it.
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    Where in the world do you live if I might ask?
    I live in one of the Northernmost countries in the world (Sweden) and it gets chilly, rugged and dark outside very fast towards late October (sunrise at 07:05 and sunset at 15:55 as of today) where we won't feel the return of any prolonged daylight until mid-February again. Despite not having the same high energy levels as during the summer, I am totally fine and thrive during the winter months since I still get a lot of things done (if not more), simply because the number of outdoor activities and all its distractions become limited. I suggest following activities and practices during the winter-months in order to remain strong, healthy and active:

    -Light up the room(s) you're in since that will give you a boost of energy and well-needed light-therapy in the winter-darkness.
    -Maintain a sane and healthy diet (with lots of fruits, veggies and legumes) and exercise routines since that will keep your energy levels high, despite the cold weather and darkness.
    -Go out and take a swim/bath in a (frigid) nearby lake or ocean. It is colder and more painful than hell at first but will leave you with so many endorphins and positive feelings/vibes afterwards.

    -Step up early in the morning, even if it's tough due to low energy levels during the winter time. If you choose to snooze (that's when you lose) or sleep in, you won't be free but rather become more enslaved miserable and unhappy in the long run since you will get less things done during the day. By mastering self-discipline, despite harder conditions, you will kill it in life later on (literally) while everyone else is sleeping in and slacking their lives away in hedonistic comfort.

    -Read a lot of books and write down your thoughts, goals, purposes and dreams on paper. It will give you some time to reflect, contemplate and have something to work towards for the upcoming months and year. This is requires self-discipline and practice as well and is what you do when everyone else is playing with their phones or watch stupid TV-series that will give them nada in the long run. The same indifferent and poor disciplined people then complain that their lives are not moving forward.
    -Spend a lot of time outdoors during the light time of the day. I spend at least two hours daily being outside during the winter-time, even if that means a blizzard and temperatures below -15 °C. This will also temper and strengthen your body, mind and soul while everyone else sits inside in their cozy comfort-zone, never getting anything done.

    Keep in mind, just because it's winter-time, there is no need to find excuses for being comfortable and not stepping outside of your comfort-zone. There is actually more of a reason to do so because that's not what average Joe is doing during the winter.
    Lack of self-discipline leads to too much comfort, hedonism and slavery in the long run while self-discipline equals strength, greatness and freedom in the long run!!!
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  4. Thanks for the reply. Volunteering is actually a really good idea. Would keep me occupied and feeling useful and productive.
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  5. Thanks for the suggestions! I live in the Southeastern US so our winters are pretty much a joke to you haha. But I've lived here all my life so it's all I'm accustomed to.

    I'm definitely trying to keep up with my good habits; waking up early, eating healthy, exercising frequently. The tough part for me is having the better part of a day or days open (even after going to the gym, cooking, etc.). When my schedule isn't mostly full, ie when I dont have much work, I just start shutting down. That's when I start to lose all my good habits. It's a weird thing; when I have way too much time on my hands I end up not even doing the basic stuff like housekeeping and working out. I just become super lethargic.
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    Fair enough! I have been to all thirteen Southern States (which I really admire by the way) and to me, it is pretty much summer-land all year round with not much of a winter. I remember during a trip to Charleston (SC) in December six years ago and that pretty much felt like a warm and comfortable autumn-day back home.:D
    The climate, weather and long darkness in the Northern Countries between November-March is literally hell on earth if you are not used to it. Imagine walking outside on a warmer January day (1-4 °C) with melting snow, slosh, rain, sleets, wind and some glassy ice right under the puddles anywhere you go. Plus, at 16:00, it is pitch-black outside already and with no snow reflecting and lighting up, it feels so gloomy, dark and sternly that you dream about the spring every other night.

    I know it sounds miserable beyond belief but that kind of climate toughens and tempers you a lot so the least spot of sunshine between the clouds (during the few daylight hours) is literally making you happy like nothing else.
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    I love winter hiking. Hiking in the snow is magical. Get some of those rubber stud things you fit to your boots if you need a bit more grip. Get a headlamp and hike in the dark, it sounds weird as heck but it is amazing, i do it all the time. Take a thermos with a nice hot drink. Have fun!

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