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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Coolbreeze, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. Coolbreeze

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    How do you guys experience more brain clarity when it comes to doing NoFap?

    I want to share some things that I have been thinking about and are quite remarkable.

    When I was fapping on a daily base, it would take be 5 minutes to find something in my room if the room is messy. And in some cases I would just give up because I couldn't find it. But then after not fapping for week straight I feel like the hints that my brain gives me are so clear and logical that I find an object that I didnt manage to find for weeks in less than 10 seconds. Its like: POEFF, and u just suddenly know where it is.

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    Phew :) you have encouraged me to log in into forum again. I havent fapped for 21 days for now. My mind is an interesting place after all. Firstly, struggling with simple tasks has weakened. I feel like I can already in half of someones conversation predict what is he talking about and I can instantly reply without that mental break chaos.

    But dont be fooled. I have forged my reading, short memory and episodic memory. I have used reading 10 pages of books aloud for and app for both android and ios called neuronation for memory. This app helps you with everything. There is one specific thing i was struggling with and that was with remembering pictures shortly after disapearence.

    I trained that alot. Like fkin really alot man hehe. And things started to happen to me. My brain got quiet and I was able to sense EVERYTHING. Before I watched porn for an hour lol.

    Iam on my 21st day without ejaculation but REMEMBER to not do edging - just watching and feeling that pleasure in head. I think I have lost alot yesterday. Whatever.

    I also experienced both psychical and physical improvement after visiting three times polarium. Polarium is an antonym to hot saunas. You will enter freezer about -130 celsius and cooling for 2 mins. Body is forced to pump blood everywhere.

    I feel like refreshed, but my mind clutter remains unfortunately.

    Good luck, I hope you can get some girlfriend that is much better choice than porn.
  3. Artifical intelligence

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    Mind and emotions go together so if you can keep them both in good balance your brain will be top quality.

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