Brain fog after quitting PMO

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Mitch X, May 27, 2020.

  1. Mitch X

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    Hi everyone,
    I have three questions to you about brain fog after quitting PMO:
    1. Did you experience brain fog after quitting PMO?
    2. How long did it take before you got rid of it?
    3. How did you deal with it?
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  2. hfr19

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    How long have you been attempting PMO? Probably depends on the person.
  3. Hi Mitch,
    Indeed brain fog is one of those things I experienced. The first few days were BAD. Really BAD.
    It lasted about 5/6 days for me. By the time I reached the 6th day I regained clarity.
    And now I am back to my normal self.
    In terms of dealing with it? Wow. Thats a tough one. It was uncomfortable. I put it down to how I treat myself when I am sick. I like to rest, take it easy, don't do anything too stressful on the body if you can. Just look after yourself for a few days at a bare minimum. Grab a hot drink, blanket, watch something which isn't too stimulating on the mind (not porn obvs)!
    Just take it easy... your mind is trying to recover. It needs rest.
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  4. Mitch X

    Mitch X Fapstronaut

    So I guess that should be question 4: How long and often did you do PMO?

    So for me it's an addiction of many years that that got more intense after the lockdown. Watched porn last few months for more than five hours each day. I'm experiencing brain fog at the moment, but I just got started with my attempt. It doesn't sleep well (but I guess that's one of the withdrawal symptoms as well) and at the same time I have hay fever.
    I know it's probably different for everyone, but I'm curious to hear the experience of others.
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  5. Mitch X

    Mitch X Fapstronaut

    Good to hear it got better after 5/6 days for you. That sounds promising!
    Thanks for the tips and congratulations by the way on reaching 12 days. I think that's impressive.
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  6. Thanks bud. I have my tough days, last night I had some freaky dreams which doesn't help in fighting the urges, but I guess my subconscious has been so engrained through my past usage. I reckon I have used PMO for 18 years... give or take. As you can imagine that is a lot of damage. Physically and Mentally.
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  7. Awedouble

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    I think the question is how MUCH brain fog you and at what time (obviously more at the beginning) and then what to do to not only get rid of it, but even improve your baseline from lifestyle changes. In other words, you can have an even clearer mind than you do from just not having PMO. As far as that goes it's just everything you hear about, diet, exercise, meditation/mental exercise etc.
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  8. Hi Mitch,
    I will try to address each of your questions in my analysis of your situation. Frankly you have only abstained from PMO for 1 day. It is much too soon to assess the benefits or withdrawal effects of abstinence.
    Your period of detox, and gaining mental clarity, will be dictated by the duration of your addiction. Your body has grown accustomed to receiving a dose of dopamine. Your brain likewise. In fact the whole living organism, that is you, has got used to expecting this hit.
    It/you will now expect to receive the dopamine rush that porn and ejaculation provides. When this is not forthcoming it will have to function without it. But this will take time. During which your body and mind will experience withdrawal symptoms. Both will be impaired. Brain fog will be part of this I'm afraid.
    To put it bluntly nature will have to take its course. There is no dispensation given in nature Mitch. You can't speed the process of detoxification up. However you can paradoxically shorten the process. You do this simply by leaving your body alone.
    Don't relapse under any circumstances! If you do all your good work will have been in vain. You will be on an un-merry go round and you may never get off it!
    Go cold Turkey and do not compromise. Cut off all access to porn. Even seemingly innocent entertainment must be avoided if it provokes lust!
    Good luck Mitch.
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  9. hfr19

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    I would assume quitting cold turkey or even slowly winding down from a lifestyle of hours of daily watching will have a high level of brain fog at the beginning. That being said, brain fog will decrease as your abstaining from PMO increases, naturally. However, the withdrawal symptoms will never outweigh the benefit of slowly getting back in control of your life. Stay strong brother.
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