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    Yeah....Neither of our companies block social media...that's why this has been the big kicker for him going back to work. Merp.
  2. If possible you could always get a stand for your phone and record yourself while using the company computer either through video you can send or through some avenue like facetime?

    At the end of the day though there is just going to have to be a point where trust is involved in the equation.
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    Speaking from an IT perspective you couldn't install anything on the company computer since that would most likely violate any policies around computer usage and really should be blocked anyway. There most likely will be tracking of Internet usage, but access to that should be highly restricted and only accessed when there is suspicion of an issue (assuming that proper policies and procedures are in place).

    I believe your best possible solution is one that was suggested earlier which is using Google to track what is searched for. If by chance they have Google Chrome installed on this machine then it would be a simple matter of logging into Chrome using a Gmail account and doing any and all Internet searches with Google. If by chance they don't have Chrome installed you can still go to then login in with a Gmail account and it should at the very least keep track of Internet searches. If you do try this possible solution I would suggest testing it before leaving so that you can see what is tracked and logged in the Gmail account.

    One down side to this is how you log into the computer at work. What I mean by this is do you have your own company user name and password to login to the computer or does everyone share the same account (i.e. the machine stays logged on all the time and people just sit down to use it). If you have your own user name and password then depending on the Operating System installed you should have your own local profile which is restricted to your ID, however, if it is a shared account (i.e. everyone uses Username: Mine Password: Mine for example) then you need to ensure you logout of your Gmail before leaving the Computer because another person could come along and very easily start searching/viewing things that may make your SO think you have broken your boundaries.

    Regardless of how you login to the computer I would suggest you always log out of Gmail before leaving the Computer so that no one can come behind you and starting doing things that may cause you issues.

    Please forgive the long post I know I can sometimes give too much info, but I am hopeful that this may be useful.
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    its cheaper to post job listing on craiglist then it is on the newspaper, or with a website such as careerbuilder or indeed etc.
    Its like a quarter to half the cost. (the company i work for uses it for job listings)
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    I guess my company is a snob company. Lol. I'd never heard of that before. I thought Craig's list was just for selling stuff and soliciting people. Honestly didn't know legit companies listed jobs there.
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    Working for snob company is good..
    You know... The pay is good.
    I work for a snob company too :)
    We only take resumes on our website
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    we are a small family owned business and look for hires the old fashionway mostly. ( a sign out front) but we also use craiglist
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    Mine only takes them in person or mailed in. They do that on purpose to weed people out. I had to mail mine in from across the country.
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