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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by BALLZEYE, Oct 8, 2015.


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    Hi. I'm 28 from London UK.

    I found out about NoFap a week ago, got all excited and decided to start the 30 day challenge on Monday having my last fap Sunday evening... I lasted 3 days lol. I'm hugely shocked by how difficult it is.

    Anyway I'm not giving up. I'm gonna fap away today, re-start tomorrow morning and I've signed up here for some extra support (any advice on how to make it 30 days no PMO would be greatly appreciated).

    My goals/reasons for doing 30 days NoFap are:

    -Give up porn permanently (I think I'll only need 30 days to do this)

    -Become better with the ladies. Being a porn addict has made me so lazy in this area of my life. I used to be pretty assertive with women I desperately want to get back to my old self and think this is the way to do it.

    -Be more focused and effective in my work life and self development. I cant count how many times I've had that crafty lunch time wank then the rest of the day is a write off.

    So I'm glad to be here and keen to get started. LETS DO THIS!!!
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    Yep; it's a stunner, isn't it? But there's great insight and growth possible from this learning.

    That may do it; but I would say that for many of us, we need more. Even after 119 days, I can sense my own vulnerability. Am I much freer? Absolutely. Whether 30 or 60 or 90 is the key milestone? I tend to think we need more than 30 days, myself.
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    BALLZEYE Fapstronaut

    Cheers for the responses guys.

    Septimus I Just read your link, good stuff I'm gonna do 1,2 and 3 tonight.

    Neo76 I've been fapping like a school boy all day. I need to start this on a fresh day with a fresh attitude

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