Brave British/Irish Men Wanted!

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Tom in recovery, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Tom in recovery

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    Hello gentlemen,

    My name is Tom. Together with my recovery/accountability partner (who is also a Tom), we are looking for a maximum of 4 other guys to join our online recovery group.

    We are both easy-going guys in our late-20s, and we have been accountability partners since October, and we want to create a solid group of motivated guys to share this journey with.

    We want this group to be a place where we can:

    · Share experiences, and what we're going through in a safe place, free of judgement. We're all in the same boat!

    · Call on our group when urges arise (with 6 guys on a WhatsApp group, it’s likely someone can respond quickly!)

    · Pool our knowledge and share tips, overcoming certain sticking points in recovery

    · Grow and develop together.

    We have some conditions for guys joining the group:

    1. We are looking for guys who can commit to a video/voice conference call every week (or at least every 2 weeks)

    2. We are primarily looking for guys in the UK and Ireland – this is purely to make communication and planning calls easier because we’re all in the same time zone. But we are happy to consider people from all around the world.

    3. We are looking for guys who can commit to completing weekly assignments/challenges. All would be recovery-based activities: from journaling on a certain point of your recovery, or something more fun like going out and speaking to 2 strangers.

    4. We are looking for motivated, CAN-DO people! This will not be a place where people come to lick their wounds and talk about how their life sucks. We only deal in solutions!
    “Here is my problem. This is the solution I’m implementing. Do you guys have any pointers?”

    5. The purpose of this group is also to take the focus off yourself. Our addiction has very often made us selfish. By actively helping your partners in the group, you are coming out of yourself and turning your attention to someone else in need. There is an enormous potential for personal growth here, when you begin to give selflessly.

    My accountability partner and I have no experience in running groups. We’ve had calls where we’ve set up a schedule, weekly check-ins to see how we’re doing and we’ve shared a lot of tips. But we want to take it to the next level. We both want to overcome this!

    For this reason, we would also welcome guys who already have more experience than us in recovery, and especially ones who have already been in a recovery group, such as sexaholics anonymous.

    When you apply:
    As I stated above, we are looking for a maximum of 4 more guys, and we want to make this group as effective as possible. For this reason, we can only select guys who we feel are really committed to recovery, who will contribute to the group, who will persevere. When you apply, PM me a little paragraph or two about yourself. Let us know about where you are in recovery, what tools you are using, what recovery activities you are implementing etc.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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  2. Leo19000

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    Hi this looks the perfect group to join. I’m 21 in UK I’m very self motivated and agree with your ethos that solutions to problems is the only way forward. Would love to join.
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  3. Dev47b

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    I am based in England. Would be interested in joining
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  4. Captain_Planet

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    36 ye old married Irish guy here. Would be interested in joining.
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  5. HopeNAction

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    I’m a 31 guy, living in the UK and in a long-distance relationship. Incredibly happy that the cap of 4 extra people hasn’t been reached yet! This seems like a great place for all of us to boost our journeys of recovery together.

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