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    Hi guys this is my first post on the forum and i'm really glad i made it here. Finally found out that there's these groups of people like me who has a lot of support on those new and who had experienced my experience that is now conquering the struggle. I'm 17 years old but i really want to be a motivational speaker like Tony Robbins in my young age, i read his books, i study what he studied but this PMO is the chain that is holding me back from reaching my dreams, it's funny for me cause i'm starting to give good advice to people but here i am cannot do his advice for himself, i always feel guilt, and sometimes depressed because of that. And this is really a struggle for me so I'm really glad again, to stumble upon the name of this site on youtube and as i'm starting my reboot now, i hope that i'd make a lot of friends here :) I'm looking forward for fighting this fight with you guys! Thanks! :)

    P.S. forgive me if i'm not that good in english :D
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    Hi. I understand about fibbing good advice and being unable to do it yourself.

    I first came across Tony Robbins in the early 1990’s. I listen to one audio tape where he led a visualization to quit smoking. I quit smoking that minute and stayed quit for two years.

    His technique involved visualizing the negative aspects of a behavior over days weeks months and years. Then doing the same with the positive aspects of stopping the behavior. It was a powerful motivator.

    The secret was to really feel the consequences. And after to hold those feelings during temptation.

    Best wishes and God bless your journey and make it fruitful.
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