Breaking an M cycle

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Blue jeans, Jul 19, 2021.

  1. Blue jeans

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    Hi everyone, I feel like I'm in a cycle. I M before sleep, then regret it the next morning, but by evening seem to lose all resolve again and M again. Rinse and repeat. Any advice about breaking the cycle? In general I don't seem to get past much more than 3 days.
    Note I haven't P'd lately, though this is still a wrestle. Its the M that is a real habit for me.
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  2. mohaimen

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    hmm thats hard im suffering from pied so when I think about that it makes me not do it and I think about the rgrets if i were to do it
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  3. Aram124

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    For me eat 2 bananas 2 hours before bed it increase melatonin making you more sleepy and you won't have energy to mastrabate
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  4. You're setting up a very hard to break habit by using sleep as a reward. Habits are developed when a trigger, or cue, leads to an action, or routine, and then a reward. As long as you keep rewarding yourself (sleep) for bad behavior (M), it will be very difficult to break this habit. This is very similar to when a person who is on a diet rewards himself (has a cheat meal) for breaking his diet. The key is to either change the routine (M) before the reward (sleep), or don't reward yourself (go to sleep) for engaging in unwanted behavior (M). If you do that enough times, the habit will become weakened.
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  5. Blue jeans

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    hmm thanks thats a pretty out there idea but makes sense. I might try that. I feel like it is more than just sleep which is the reward though. Its also just the pleasure of M. I think the thing about sleep is that when I'm in a particularly tired state, or the evening hours, my appetite for M just seems to be higher - I'm not sure there is a direct relationship with sleep...
  6. determined99

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    Exactly, you think even though masturbation has so many harmful effects, it has pleasure in it. If you believe it is a pleasure then don't quit it because it is impossible just to live without 'this great pleasure' forever. So you are doing right thing if you believe that.
  7. Blue jeans

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    hmm thanks for those thoughts. I think it is pleasurable, but I think it is wrong. I guess that there is a bit of a war in my head/heart after either having immediate pleausre, or having the later pleasure of a clean conscience, and just doing right by God (I'm a Christian).
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    Dicen que en algún momento de la guerra hay soldados que se Emocionan y más cuando las cosas van a su favor, pero en fin matar es malo sea como sea, pensemos en una conciencia tranquila y paz interior ( La Fe si ayuda )
  9. Don't thank me, as I didn't come up with this. This is based on psychological research into how humans form habits. Please read the book called The Power of Habit for the details. I'm sure many rebooters on NoFap are familiar with this book and a more detailed one called Atomic Habits.
  10. Blue jeans

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    I'll look into that book, thanks

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