Broke my first abstinence :(

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by elonmusk, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. elonmusk

    elonmusk Fapstronaut

    Yesterday I had my first dream full of porn and it was a real nightmare.
    It was like my brain is completely fucking up with me. Before an hour
    I saw some cosplay on twitter, clicked more and more pictures and
    was done in 10 seconds, broke 62 days. WTF, I am unable to behave or what?
    I was on a business trip in Amsterdam and when I came back I was hoping
    for a warm welcome from my wife but as always I was probably too fantasizing and did not meet my expectations as usual. I was hoping I could get this under control forever. Not sure why I did it :(
  2. Nick1918

    Nick1918 Fapstronaut

    Are you kidding me 62 days chapeau to you I am not a week yet and it is killing me.
    Now pick yourself up dust yourself off congratulate yourself on making 62 days , and get back on your horse
    No self pity party they are not conducive to anything. Blunt no offense it is just who I am
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  3. Mike3640

    Mike3640 Fapstronaut

    62 Days is a great accomplishment!
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  4. Mr. 180

    Mr. 180 Fapstronaut

    Congrats on the 62 days! Take your victories as they come. Quitting is a process, and you have you keep your expectations realistic. If this is your first abstinence, chances are you can't quit cold-turkey (and you still did really well for your first go of it!).
    All I can say is keep on going. You can't expect perfection, just do your best to free yourself!
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  5. WasZeusWrong?

    WasZeusWrong? Fapstronaut

    Interesting. I was also right around 60 days when I recently relapsed. But now I'm back to NoFap, and I don't feel at all that those 60ish days were a waste. They gave me a taste of living without porn, and it tasted pretty good! Best wishes to you as you resume!
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  6. elonmusk

    elonmusk Fapstronaut

    Thank you! Yes it is a freedom not to think about porn. I want to continue on that.
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