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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by RE:covery, Jun 14, 2019.

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    Hi, I have rejoined nofap a few days ago, I'm currently on a 32 day streak of no PMO. I just wanted any tips you guys may have on recovering/beating loneliness. And share a few of my own tips.

    To cut a long story short, I have moved back home a few years ago now, having studied in another city. I'm now married, have a children, live near my parents, and am now back socialising with childhood friends. However here's the thing, I still feel lonely at times, I'm trying to convince my innermost self that I am OK now, I should be more comfortable. Hopefully the fact that I have completed 32 days means I am near my goal, but I realise I still have a way to go before I eradicate any lasting lingering thoughts.

    Some ways how I (partially) overcame loneliness:
    - keep busy, our day consists of 24 hours, how many do we spend being idle? Try fill every bit of time
    -Do not isolate yourself, try to stay with other people present as much as possible, if you need to study or work, do it in the library. Need to exercise? Go to a gym, park etc.
    - Keep good company, there comes a time when you realise some of your friends/acquaintances just aren't a good influence, sometimes you have to cut them off and hopefully you realise it'll be better in the long run. A good group can make wonders, a world of differences, spending time with the right people will change you more than you know. You won't discuss P, you'll be too busy trying to better yourself or even Talking about normal things.
    - volunteer, its usually free and you meet some amazing people: suitable for jobless people, workers and students. It doesn't even have to be formal, volunteer to help your parents of friends etc.
    - attend events and talks to inspire you.
    - tell someone you trust about your problem, this is a big one, P is a shameful thing for most people, you can see that from how almost everyone says it makes them feel after they PMO. One amazing piece of advice I got is to fast, like as in intermittent fasting etc, you will find after a few days it dulls your craving for PMO. The first few days will be hard. It also helps you gain more muscle and lose body fat as a bonus.
    And there are many more examples.
    PLEASE share your tips on what you do to try and overcome loneliness, I would love to benefit!

    I guess healing takes some time, patience is a virtue. Thank you for reading.
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    Just to add, enjoy your life, we are sociable creatures after all so smile when you see people in the street, their response will be proof of the power of positive psychology and connection. Its only been 30+ days and I feel great! Thanks be to god!
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