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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by bastion, Dec 27, 2015.

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    Hey, I am not hateful. Simply don't got the time for that. Wasteful energy.

    I know it is inappropriate to label all "feminists" female supremacist, but the majority of them were lashing at me because I supported their idea of trying to stop the porn industry. They told me I was lying, and I am just a perverted misogynist scum, and I seek in the selfish pleasure of viewing the female body. They simply don't want to talk to me rationally or associate with me because I am a man. I actually laughed at how pathetic they were, they simply have been brainwashed. They have cognitive dissidence.

    You won't find any ignorant women in the "egalitarian" section, because they really do understand the definition of equal rights profoundly. Which is why many good women who were feminists support equal rights move there.

    Why would any women that is truly for equal rights still label themselves "feminist?". Read back my other statement.

    PS: I am not trying to make this a flame-war. But.. I mean... if you think about it. It makes sense, right?
  2. Ah, okay, I understand a bit more where this is coming from and what you're trying to accomplish, here.

    I get it, but I do somewhat think that @Gekko still has a bit of a point.... There are already plenty of wonderful, amazing, sweet, generous, caring, loving, sincere, respectful men in the world, and if "extremist feminists" can't already see that, then, well, that's their loss. They're missing out on some amazing friendships with some wonderful creations.

    I commend you, though, @bastion, for trying to bridge that gap. Good on ya, mate. That's never a bad thing to do. It's never a bad idea to express your passion against the porn industry, but keep in mind that many men have already done that. It's up to each individual to choose to actually SEE the reality in front of their eyes (that men are incredible, unique beings), and unfortunately many extreme feminists are missing out on that reality.
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  3. I'm sure the 2% is much bigger -- that was hyperbole speaking. lol in general, I agree with your desire to pursue loving the people, despite the flawed beliefs. Nothing wrong with that, of course.
  4. That, my friend, is a brilliant question. I, myself, will never identify with that label, because I value equality.
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    I don't want to sound mad or flame-y. If it is so, please forgive me, was not the intention. Please see it from a balanced position that I try to maintain at all times.

    This is all just us talking to our egos here and saying "oh leave it all be, our fellow man does not need the encouragement to fight PMO, the feminists are mostly stupid and unfixable" and not doing anything about this larger gender war problem, which is bloody real and has creeped everywhere. From war to rape. I have presented my point and eagerly await the administration's decision on my proposal to find a fellow feminist's support community. Why them? Because unlike general women they care about it, the "war". A few encouraging posts can go a long way in fighting PMO.

    Perhaps a poll, if anything.
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    Without reading the entire thread, what is the "proposal" you have put to @alexander?
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    I keep it in a balanced position, too. I said all of that to get off my back, because they are true. And hopefully, set you up.. All I can say I commend your decision, and good luck. I can't change your decision. But, if you eventually do come across the feminist alliance. Please, tell me about your experience as I am really curious to hear about it.
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    I haven't put anything yet. I am just discussing the possibility of proposing a thread on a feminist forum/s. Good idea or not. This thread is the proposal, essentially.
  9. I think you are misunderstanding. I definitely do not think that feminists are stupid and unfixable and we shouldn't be trying to fight against the gender war. I'm simply trying to let you know, as it seems you may be unaware, that this isn't a new concept. You aren't the only person who has tried to fix this and has been met with extreme hostility. I'm not saying you can't keep trying, but I'm simply saying that at some point, there comes a time when everyone has to be responsible for their own actions. And people have tried time and time again to reason with extreme feminists, and it absolutely never works.

    Personally I believe that love can change everything. I believe that loving those people and being friends with them and allowing them to see who you are and your views in their own time is a great thing to do. But it's up to them to come to that decision and choose to change. Trying to reason with people who are so incredibly set in their ways is a very very difficult thing to do and it almost never effective. Again, I'm not just spouting of random crap to be a debbie downer, I'm saying this based on a lotttt of personal experience, not just with feminists but all kinds of extremists groups. Some people are just blinded from the truth and you can't rip off those blinders, they have to take them off themselves. But by all means, keep trying if you feel like it. I, personally, have decided I've tried hard enough and if they are still so set in their ways, then there's nothing more I can do. I've said everything I can say, it's up to them to receive it. And I pray that they do, someday.

    Also... not to get too picky on semantics here... but "general women" absolutely care about the "gender war" as much as feminists. Arguably even more so, since most extremist feminists only care about the female side of the war, and many general women, such as myself, care about both sides being set free.

    In general... it comes down to a personal choice. If we want the gender war to stop, all we have to do is freakin stop it. We created it in the first place. But unfortunately some people just aren't going to allow that to happen.
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    Where should we go...
    I'd say astronauts and amazons. Worlds apart, yet still in the common Earthly mindset. Jungle-like wild beauty and personal excellence as seen by society by one, clean planet. Rebuild the mythical Atlantis in spirit and matter will follow. Cultural heritage rather than boundlessness of mixing it all in one bowl and dropping all borders. Recorded history is the most important thing we got. Let's avoid the join or die vs true wisdom path debate altogether. Maybe? Comfortable place of the longest journey behind the veils of time. I'm scared to say, but I don't know. Time will tell, but bridges... Bridges are good as long as they are used to transfer stuff that benefits the reciever and doesn't hurt the sender. Plus sacredness of one's peace. The eponymous unlifted rock. Personal holy spots and stuff. :)

    Sorry, thoughts all over the place. One sentence at a time. :)
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    But are our bodies our property. That's the big question. Are the cars we drive just us owning them for the period of the ride or do we change the world with every road we tread and thus changing the free world. Owning it. In the best sense.
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    Patiently sharing the light of music for fun, isn't that free will energy defined. Ive tried to string a bunch of intangible concepts here. :) Of course the lyrics did change something! Recharged the battery perhaps?
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    Thank you, but I am unwelcomely overclocked inside like a hacked CPU and have schizophrenia. :( Enables me to be to do thus way with an augmented vision of seeing hidden messages. It's fun and it isnt. Bloody golden path of a wanna be prophet. I'm sure it's all gonna be fine.
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    Yup, seriously, unfortunately. It's a bit off topic tho. Yes, the messages are part of the illness. The reality between the lines. I just have intrusive thoughts rather than voices. They keep me company but are generally distracting.

    Thank you for your support.
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  15. Hey Bastion, just wanted to say I value your openess about your disorder. There's unfortunately a lot of shame surrounding the world of mental illnesses, and people like you who can embrace that part of themselves and allow others to see it are helping to break that mold. There's no shame in it at all!

    Stay strong, my friend!
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    I want to say that you can't really judge "Feminism" as hateful because there is no one acceptable form of Feminism.
    There is a variety of groups which label themselves as Feminists , and each group is different.
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    Feminism is against P pretty much by definition, I doubt we can argue that it hurts deep down. We are also against P, but for a different reason, a bit more selfish I'd say. I guess we don't connect on how we approach the issue. The battle rages on.

    Depressing. I'm still for communicating though. Will draft an actual proposal to @alexander taking into account ALL sides. As many as I can come across, I guess. :)
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    Still going on a rant, I am still going to blame feminism for being feminazis, because the majority is the majority. Feminism wasn't really a big issue for me, until I was affected from it. I was constantly abused by a girl in middle , verbally and physically abusing me. I was already taught the notion "Boys do not hit girls". I felt restricted, and helpless. People were making fun of me being put on a lower pedestal and being taunted by a girl. I couldn't start a fight. People will go crazy if a boy hits a girl for ANY reason, and you are shunned. And if a boy tells an adult that he is being abused: he will be called a pussy, or a bitch to emasculate him. This put so much mental distress to me, and I couldn't avoid the situation, she just came up to me, and you will always find yourself in a losing situation. So after half a year, I got tired of it. I hit the bitch back, and I was suspended for 3 weeks. Even threatened to me I could've almost gotten expelled. I was ridiculed by all my "friends".
    If victim-blaming is real for anything, this is the case. And this happens to more boys than you realize. And any girl can take advantage of this chivalry idea enforced in our culture.

    Not only that, I realized I have been circumcised without my consent. I had it done to me as an infant. Girls can exercise their genital integrity rights, why can't I? Physically scarred for life. Male genital modification, a barbaric old ritual, a tradition still flippantly condoned and brought out in a developed country. My genital modification is somehow the norm, and I am told to suck it up, and it something "just done to baby boys". Yet, feminism are worrying about female genital mutilation here in America. When it has been illegal over 2 decades. And only 0.2% females have been documented to female genital mutilation. If I was born as a male, with a foreskin, why am I punished for being a natural male? But, I learned to love my circumcision. What is done is done.

    Feminists vs. MRA: There were radical feminists that were screaming like banshees, throwing garbage, even having the audacity to physically harm the few of the members of the MRA. Calling the MRA privileged straight, racist, misogynistic, gay-hating fascist cis-male scum. They MRA were calm, and didn't retaliate, so they called the cop. The cops were blocking the feminist from the entrance. And a few feminists even got arrested because they attacked and spit on the cops.

    Now, I am not a MRA (or yet). I would need to do more unbiased research pertaining to them. But I believe it is time for men to start standing up.

    We have many issues like I mentioned male infant circumcision, high male suicide rates, lack of DV shelters and support for men, erasure of male rape and abuse victims, the harmfulness of restrictive male gender roles, legal disadvantages like the Duluth model and the Tender Years doctrine, the draft, and male mental illness and health.

    Many men still wouldn't stand up because they would feel ridiculed, they are taught not to complain about anything, because you would come off as a whiny little girl.

    Oh, I like to point this out. There was a feminist that was going to threaten to kill a woman because she said that men need abuse shelters. This is the old hag feminazi:
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    In the 1980s, feminism was divided into anti-pornography (porn perpetuates misogyny) vs. sex-positive (anything is ok with consent) groups. I've noticed the feminist corners of reddit are mostly of the sex-positive variety, or moderates who don't like the porn industry but think it can be reformed and are usually porn users themselves. If you were to approach them about issues like porn addiction, they would consider it good that porn addicts are helping themselves.

    /r/MensLib would probably be sympathetic to a post about NoFap. It's a subreddit about men's issues for people who don't want to deal with constant "feminism sucks" posts. Here's a post [NSFW for discussion of porn] on that sub.
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    You know what, I didn't even know MRA existed until now... It's interesting. Talk about parallel realities that didn't exist a moment ago to my view. This changes my tired mind. Perhaps we ought to lead the MRA charge and hug the feminists? Virtually, show the nice, or are we going to grumble in private forever? I mean, when do we stop if MRA and feminists are too at odds with each other? It's like the male energy of the world is saying something and so is the female. The porn and buying sex, is what it is. Where's the romance? Take down the "feminazis", at least on the P grounds. I'd go there. We're not jerking to this perversion anymore, but you start changing the romancing Game. Girls approaching guys. What a world. My two cents.

    Also, actually, I have a wiser feminist friend. I might link this thread to her. She will be respectful and won't provoke flamewar, I promise. She's cool.
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