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  1. ForceFire

    ForceFire Fapstronaut

    I had a three month streak which i broke by sexually lapsing. For the past 20+ days i've been trying to get back up and generate another hopefully never-ending streak of chastity.

    Instead it's been relapse after relapse. Now i know NoFap is more than just NoFap i.e. you are unlikely to maintain sexual chastity by making just that the be-all and end-all of your life's mission.

    That, "the something else", i'm trying to do, live life productively, well, creatively even. So the psychological quandary i'm in is trying to understand why i am sabotaging myself repeatedly in this manner.

    I'm beginning to think that maybe the missing factor is "the devil", I had a dream once about the silver-screen of my life playing my movie, come the final curtain, i get to come onto the screen stage but for am bullied onto it with an "enemy spirit" sharing authorship of my life.

    The problem is i don't come from a Catholic background, i was received into the Church some 4.5 years back from a Hindu background. Hindus just don't believe in a metaphysical devil.

    You could call me an ex-Hindu Catholic, but unfortunately i have had a double-vision in matters religious, seeing with Christian and Hindu eyes simultaneously. Hindus believe in the ego and desire but not in the universal enemy of mankind.

    I suppose one eye must become dominant. It seems to me that when i do give into desire my desire is in exact congruence with the Devil's desire for me. Here i admit his existence.

    Can you help me understand what the devil is, what is he as an entity, and critically how and why God have permitted his existence in the very first place?

    How can i live the Christian-life and be focused on Christ while simultaneously being aware and wary of The Devil? You can't surely have focus on both, focus on one defocuses the other?

    Hypothetically, If i forge ahead successfully with NoFap, doesn't that make the devil a kind of accomplice to my success? Can you re-factor this equation so it is balanced?

    I have been a very weak Catholic thus far, i didn't catechize myself all that well, any introductory texts/books on-topic and relevant to what i've posted would be much appreciated.

    I have just bought "The Screwtape Letters" to help me with NoFap

    Thanks for reading.
  2. LavaMe

    LavaMe Fapstronaut

    The ‘Srewtape Letter’ are great. I think that will actually help you to understand how the Devil works.

    The Devil is a fallen Angel. He may be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, Angels. Angels are spiritual beings. That means they have two features, intellect and free will. Angels are supremely smart. They are much smarter than man. Their intellects are also different. They don’t learn things like man does, through experience and discursive thought. Rather, they just know things, like God but in a limited way.

    Angels fell because they determined not to follow God. Their fall was much different. Because Angels know things in a way different from man and because their decisions are fully informed their choice was final. This is unlike man who can repent. Angels don’t and can’t repent. The Angels fell from pride, which is the root of all sin. It is a refusal to follow God.

    God created Angels knowing they would fall the same as he created man knowing we would fall and some of us choose Hell.

    You should focus on God. You should focus on Jesus. You should be aware of the Devil and his influence. But you shouldn’t focus on him. He will be focused on you because his desire is to see as many men fall as he can. Know that he will be tripping you up. But don’t be looking for him everywhere.

    I’m not sure I get why the Devil would be an accomplish to your success. Can you explain that a bit more?
  3. ForceFire

    ForceFire Fapstronaut

    I put that point about "accomplice" in not a very clear-minded way, the thought i was had was : having so far not given much thought to the devil, if i succeed with nofap it'll be thanks to admitting his existence.

    When i think about this now it's kinda fails the sanity test. Or in other words, it's just the reality of the situation man is in, assailed by the devil but saved by God, if we accept his salvation.
  4. LavaMe

    LavaMe Fapstronaut

    The three enemies are the world, the flesh, and the Devil. So yes, the Devil is an enemy, but even without him we have temptation.
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