Burnout and eliminating sugar, fast food, junk food

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by willpowered, Apr 23, 2020.

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    Hey everyone,

    I've placed a lot of pressure on myself to come out of this quarantine a better man - in better shape, having more energy, growing in my faith, eating more nutritious food, being more productive, and staying in a consistent routine - but any efforts to do this have been unsuccessful.

    As a full-time college student and a full-time night shift worker on the weekends, I have a lot on my plate. I've been burned out since March (before quarantine), yet even when I'm tired and I try to sleep I either don't want to or I can't. Maybe my 90 day goal without PM will help with that...

    Also, I am on the spectrum, I have ADHD, and I struggle with depression and anxiety... so it almost goes without saying that procrastination is a HUGE problem for me. For some reason, even when I try to start a paper/assignment early (which means earlier than 48 hrs before the due date) I simply cannot stay focused or accomplish much even if I want to or I try, so I'm stuck in a vicious cycle of stress, self-hatred, and burnout.

    This cycle persists with multiple addictions and self-sabotaging patterns. I have a genetic predisposition to alcoholism, but I rarely drink. However, even if I'm not an alcoholic, the same addictive personality craves porn, masturbation, sugar, junk food, and fast food as a coping mechanism and a comfort.

    Since I reset my PM counter today, I'm also going to update my goals to include 90 days without junk food, fast food, and refined sugars. My moods, energy, and ability to function are like night and day when I have a healthy diet compared to a diet lacking in nutrition.

    Thanks for reading - any advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hey willpowered! I am of the opinion that you can't be a porn addict and then have ha 100% healthy relationship to other vices in life, such as those you mention. I know I, just like you, can't. I think a brain built to seek pleasure and dopamine driven stimulation needs to be starved until it stops being a slave to this addict-pattern.

    With that said, going from indulging to totally clean is as difficult as it is noble. I'm gonna guess that you'll feel exhausted one of the days, and you addictive mind will rationalize that you deserve a lil bit of junk food. And then, it will tell you that since you already given in a bit you might as well give in to something else, just this evening - and then your back at square one.

    That's why you'll need replacements. Replacements that you have very good access to. Buy easy to cook, healthy food that you love, and healthier snack like grapes. Also find a replacement for PMO. Maybe something physical, like a sport or something.

    Unless you has a private drill sergeant following you around, it's very hard to suddenly be in such full control of yourself without replacements.
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