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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by nfpexperiment, Oct 8, 2021.

  1. nfpexperiment

    nfpexperiment Fapstronaut

    Why are people butthurt ? Given your honest opinion is sometimes considered as you being an enemy. Just because people have different opinions doesn't mean they are your enemy, some people don't seem to get this.
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  2. 88991s

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    It's the result of narrow-mindedness. They fail to see wider perspective.
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  3. I_Am_Strong_54

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    i blame social media and participation trophies.
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  4. Billybrasco

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    stay off of facebook lol
  5. Tafi

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    Maybe your way of delievering your opinion seems to be needed to work on it, only in case many people got butthurted, but if it's few who got like that then it's their problem clearly
  6. Hadrian3

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    I always try to thank people who criticise me or show my mistakes. I think it helps us, so why not thanking them? Still, sometimes it's hard for me not to hate them. :)

    In my experience most people don't like to hear about their mistakes. Maybe it's not realistic to expect they like you for that. Maybe I'm wrong.
  7. PegasusKid

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    I think a lot of people were never really taught to be able to respect opposing opinions even if they accept that people will disagree. But also as someone above said, if you're always dealing with those kind of people it could be the way you give these opinions or even timing(e.g if someone is going through a rough time and venting about something they're probably not in the mood to explain themselves to people who disagree).
  8. nfpexperiment

    nfpexperiment Fapstronaut

    Butthurt people usually dont want to hear the truth, they dont think about the truth or that they might be wrong.
  9. matrix.

    matrix. Fapstronaut

    Because they are uncomfortable/strongly disagree, so it’s a defense mechanism
  10. GoldenStarFire53

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    It's hard to admit but I used to be and hope that I am not that kind of person anymore but the reason why I think that people get butthurt is that they are not familiar with rejection whether that be an idea they have or an opinion, they have learned "their truth" and think other peoples opinions are lies. There possible can be more than one truth and often than not we don't know the whole story but we pretend to know more than we actually do or think which is the biggest problem in modern society. We all had different childhood, parents and went through some stuff and seen something that made an impact on our view of the world and our opinions. You cant see the world in the same way other people see it, it's hard today for people to emphasize with others and try to paint themselves as victims. I had it worse and you don't know what you are talking about the syndrome and sadly that is the reason why a lot of people don't want to tell their problems to others because it becomes a competition on whos life is worse, I was guilty of this a lot. Most of us and probably everybody these days are used to getting positive feedback and people licking their you know what making them feel better about themselves giving the participation medal. Most people are not used to people being rude to them and calling them names or being brutally honest with them, being honest is one of the hardest things you can do. Looking somebody in the eyes and telling them that they are a bad friend and it's hard even though it's not your fault. But let's not forget how hard it is, to be honest to yourself and look in that mirror telling yourself that you are going nowhere in life and that you spend so much time playing video games, that you are not trying as hard as you are saying and that you might be a peace of dog poo. I don't know if I can swear because of the rules but there is another problem for you. Words have gotten softer so it doesn't really hurt your emotions, we try to make people feel better about themselves and people get more and more sensitive it's becoming really hard, to be honest when you have to soften everything. Truth doesn't care about your feeling, lies are soft and can be any shape and size you want, any color, and any taste you want them. But the truth is it's sour and leaves a bad taste in your mouth most of the time, there are so many times that people got so butthurt for me telling them the truth so what do we do? We lie to avoid hurting other people's feelings. We are getting really soft today, didn't have many hard patches in our lives, and got very comfortable with so much free time in our life that we often don't know what to do with it and it ends up wasting it. I went on a little rant but shortly it's all about emotion and people are becoming really soft and fragile that they cant handle the truth. I wish to be stronger myself and to endure the suffering of this life without trying to escape it through mindless pleasure and entertainment consuming so much content just because I have so much free time. People before me didn't have any free time and we are often not grateful for having so much time today. As you can read I often like to get philosophical and talk a lot but I need to start working as hard as I talk, need to shut my piehole up and do the things even if I don't want to or even don't feel like I want to. You do the same and don't listen so much to YouTubers or books to help you do the things you are ought to be done, shut your mouth and go and do it! I know you can and so do you.

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