Button/Tab in Navigation Bar: "Update Day Counter" has Disappeared

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  1. Hello,

    I just noticed that my badge says no PM, but leaves out the "O," which is what I'm actually doing (no PMO). I then discovered that the navigation bar at the top of the nofap page no longer shows the "Update Day Counter" button/tab. Is this because I have already updated it today? Do I need to go to a specific page to get that option back, perhaps? I would like my badge/day count to be accurate. Thanks for your assistance!
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    Hello @The Sound of One Hand F*ping,

    Maybe you're on the mobile site, the main page is somewhat different there from the regular browser (on pc).
    If so, go to the "Menu" options beneath the NoFap logo, there is amongst other options the "Update day counter" link displayed.
  4. Thanks to you both, @kropo82 and @Beamer!

    That solved the issue for me.

    You have been very responsive and helpful,
    for which I am grateful!

    It has been brought to my attention that I posted an image here containing a
    that some people find offensive. Although it was only a joke I understand
    that others may not always appreciate my sense of humor - hopefully I have
    replaced the image with the laughing Buddha (I wonder what his sense of
    humor was like?) in time to avoid offending anyone.

    @Beamer thanks for the "heads up!"

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