Caffeine after relapsing

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Wolves, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Wolves

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    When ever I relapse I go hard on black coffee for about a week. After a week I try cut it out cause my energy comes back. Is it already if I have coffee after relapsing. Will it affect progress?

    I have a physical job and also drive machinery, so I feel it's a lot safer to have coffee, but idk. I don't want to become unhealthy
  2. Wolves

    Wolves Fapstronaut

    Reply’s please
  3. Jerky

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    Black coffee is stronger imo. Im on day 46 and i drink black coffee in the morning. It puts me in a better mood than if i add sugar and milk.
  4. ThyArtofLust

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    Here is my experience. Before I relapsed I began drinking three cups of coffee per day, in the morning, the afternoon and at night-as it actually aids in putting me to sleep instead of keeping me up. But, it is only recently that I began having three cups instead of one.

    So for 30 days, more or less, I have been having 21 cups of coffee per week and it has been hell. Although the taste is magnificent--I have been losing weight (from a 30 waist to a 27), I have been suffering from insomnia (3-5 hours per night of sleep), nausea is also an effect, social interactions have changed ever soo slightly, and one that twists my life upside down is the effect on my posture. I am trying to get back my perfect tall stature instead of being floppy and limped. Not to mention my skin, it can't decide if it wants to be dry or plump.

    Having caffeine is not that troublesome if you consume it lightly. If you are curious if it effects testosterone-it does, it lowers it, unless you are intending to workout as it actually improves performance and stamina.
  5. DerSchütze

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    Caffeine is a super potent drug, the only reason it's even legal is because everyone uses it, and the side effects are "mild" (shit, everyone used to use cocaine and meth too). I love it, take it in my preworkout in the mornings and it doesn't effect my sleep, but If I happen to be sleep deprived from battling urges or something all night it is a godsend.

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