Caffeine and Flatline?

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    So I also gave up coffee (typically about 4 cups a day) when I started my challenge. I am only 15 days in (90 day hard mode), but I have been flatlining since the very start. I suffer from PIED, or at least I did 3 years ago, which is the last time I've had a sexual relationship with anyone. I still assume that is the case, because my P habit hadn't changed until 15 days ago.

    I've felt very lethargic. I'm getting good exercise, eating very healthy, and had plenty of sleep (part of the reason I gave up coffee). I seem to have brain fog at times, and I also tend to be dwelling on some emotional trauma from last fall when I need to be focusing on work.

    Does anyone know if the lack of caffeine has impacts on dopamine and my neural pathways? Does caffeine impact ED? I haven't seen anything on YBOP linking these things. I expected flatline at some point, but this was instantaneous and I think is going to be my life for a while. I also can't seem to get excited about anything. I can pretend, but genuine excitement and joy just aren't there right now. Is it the caffeine or the lack of dopamine? What do you all think?
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  2. I'd say it's both. The dopamine from porn overwhelms that from normal activities; the receptors stop being as sensitive in compensation - so normal motivations are low. It takes a while for the receptors to become more sensitive again.

    Stopping caffeine probably makes you have less dopamine than you had.

    And I think lots of people have trouble coming off caffeine. If my psych hadn't diagnosed me with ADD and given me other stimulants, plus antidepressant, I don't know how I would have stopped using it.

    How much caffeine were you using?
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    About 4 or 5 cups of coffee a day. So what does it mean to "have less dopamine?" Is that something that you can lose or recover (without PMO)? I've been realizing that over the last 18 days of this streak, my emotional range has become really dampened (no real highs, no "joy"). I'm also lacking in any libido and have had no erections, are these things linked?
  4. Stimulants tend to increase dopamine - that's part of why they feel good. withdrawal may cause less dopamine to be made; after a while without caffeine, the body usually adapts - I think.

    The no libido and no erections is called a flatline. It's part of the process for many people. Nobody can say how long any particular person's flatline will last. There is a lot of material on regarding flatlines.

    As for everything else:


    Your reward and/or motivation circuits have adapted to the supernormal stimulus of PMO, by becoming less sensitive in general. The response to everything else is therefore lowered in comparison.

    It takes time for your system to realize that the supernormal stimulus isn't happening, and to become more sensitive again.

    On the other hand, some people feel rewards quickly, due to the sheer energy and restorative powers that are no longer being squandered on PMO.

    Exercise is known to help things along.

    The first time I lifted weights after stopping PMO was wonderful! I felt great afterwards, whereas during PMO, lifting made me feel like crap. But it took most of 2 months of no PMO for me to get my ass to the gym.
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