Caffeine and PMO

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by SDMFBrandon, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. SDMFBrandon

    SDMFBrandon Fapstronaut

    Along with being addicted to p, I have also been addicted to caffeine. I have also abstain from that along with Pmo. I actually feel so good now. No headaches or anything. Yet....also my work ethic at work, school, and relationship wise has picked up.
  2. badwithusernames

    badwithusernames Fapstronaut

    I'm trying to cut down on caffeine as well... only one cup of coffee a day. I honestly love the taste, but giving that up at the same time as PMO just seems like too much for me.
  3. Ramsgate1987

    Ramsgate1987 Guest

    I learnt today that when I drink coffee, especially after not having ANY over the four day Easter weekend, my mouth goes into overdrive and gets inappropriate. Thankfully my best mate is my AP and pointed this out to me and has helped me realise the coffee will have to go as well because when I get hyperactive, I get careless.
  4. kk76

    kk76 Fapstronaut

    Caffeine in moderation is OK but I find it changes how I think much like eating sweet things does. They are all fixes.

    No more quadruple espresso then
  5. Physicist

    Physicist Fapstronaut

    How about doing decaf coffee?
  6. Ramsgate1987

    Ramsgate1987 Guest

    If you like the taste go for it. Personally, I don't like the taste and sometimes I drink coffee for the hell of it.
  7. SDMFBrandon

    SDMFBrandon Fapstronaut

    I don't like the taste. I'm going to start doing some non stimulant preworkouts.
  8. LtGen James

    LtGen James Guest

    Significant caffeine (minus tea) is a precursor to me PMO'ing. Drinking a coffee or energy drink is one of the first events in a series of unfortunate events that lead to edging for myself. I have completely dissected the entire process. Reading the books of Lance Dodes helped me do so actually.

    Tea simply does not drain me the way coffee and e drinks did. Also it does not prevent me from falling asleep easily and cause me to wake up at like 3 in the morning to pee. Nor am I pissing over a dozen times a day anymore haha.
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  9. Kennen

    Kennen Fapstronaut

    I was addicted to it too.
    I use chocolate drink as a sub..
    Afterwards, then eventually I tried to avoid chocolate drink as well.

    I am cured now.
  10. kcarahcaz

    kcarahcaz New Fapstronaut

    If you want to try switching to decaf try Swiss Water Process. It's still not as good as non-decaf, but it's as good as it gets.
  11. JesusGreen

    JesusGreen Fapstronaut

    Never been a fan of caffeine. As someone who used to have a drug problem - I can say that honestly, physically, caffeine for me, with coffee in particular, actually had more side effects than certain popular snort-able white powders (which by the way, obviously still had a lot of side effects in themselves).

    Maybe I'm unusual in that respect, but a little too much coffee in my cup and my heart rate and blood pressure would be through the roof (while other stimulants tended to only mildly elevate them), plus if I actually drank anything caffeinated while tired - which was of course the main time I found use for caffeine, then the moment it started to wear off I'd feel like death.

    I'm seriously puzzled as to how caffeine is regarded as so benign in comparison to other allegedly harder stimulants, as for me it's always been one of the most physical side effect heavy of the bunch, but hey like I said maybe that's just me.

    First thing I suggest doing is if anyone is having trouble removing the caffeine entirely: switch from coffee to tea. The other compounds in tea balance out many of the side effects of caffeine, so you'll be getting your fix but with less side effects/issues.

    Second, if you're quite heavy on the caffeine consumption I suggest gradual reduction rather than going cold turkey. Quitting caffeine cold turkey is a breeze compared to cigarettes, other stimulants, opiates, alcohol etc - but it can still result in some nasty headaches and brain fog, and they can persist rather long (like 2~ weeks sometimes). My suggestion is just to halve your normal amount of coffee/pre-workout/caffeine pills/other caffeinated products, and replace the other half with water - then halve it again, then switch to just water.

    Definitely worth it to cut it out though. Going from lots of caffeine each day to zero caffeine each day has some similar benefits to NoFap, i.e: Increased energy, clearer head. Yep, once you've been using caffeine for a longer time, it actually starts to make you LESS clear-headed and less energised throughout the day - sure you'll feel more energy and clear-headedness after your morning coffee, but the point is your overall energy/clear-headedness both then and the rest of the day is lower than it was before you picked up the caffeine habit.

    Once you quit, you'll notice a huge difference. It's the same with all stimulants really. When used occasionally without being a habit, they'll give you a boost for the duration, and then a short crash with lower energy levels.

    When made into a habit, they'll tax your base energy levels, meaning 24/7 is the crash, so you'll need the stimulant to feel "normal" and feel drained/foggy-headed when off it.
  12. Nouvel Homme

    Nouvel Homme Fapstronaut

    I have also identified that with caffeine intake increased with PMO. Could it be because we were so drained and needed a crutch to get us through the day?

    I am still undecided as to whether coffee is good, at least in moderation.
  13. Jungler

    Jungler Fapstronaut

    As a long-time drinker for coffee, i probably don't think it's such of a big problem if taken moderately. 1-2 espressos are enough for me and it's fine for anybody else. More in-takes of caffeine in your body will give you withdrawal symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, irratability and pretty much you can experience the same symptoms after a long streak from no pmo. So things might not go hand in hand if you have an addiction for coffee.

    I will also tell you that i'm a barman/waiter and most of the time i stand behind the bar making drinks and behind me stands a big coffee machine. I know i'm not addicted by the fact that i don't crave that much for coffee nor i get a rush for caffeine. I could easily cut coffee out of my life and replace it with something less addictive.
  14. there no such thing, it has less caffeine that's all.
    yeah that's what happened when I got off my maintenance dose on one cup of tea a day :D. At this point I honestly don't think it matters much how much you drink, you'll have withdrawals from caffeine no matter how much you normally drink.
    Caffeine addiction is no a big deal but I kinda doubt you are immune to it's effects. You know you're not addicted by not drinking any for a week and noticing no difference. ;)

    I love coffee, tea and even caffeinated sodas, I just feel and sleep a bit better when I'm off it, and only when I'm completely off do I feel very little desire to have some.
  15. noviceambition

    noviceambition Fapstronaut

    There was a time when my friend told me that he was trying not to drink any coffee. This is the same guy that frequently went to a coffee shop to study at night, then drive back home. Before making that declaration, he would drink red-eyes, expressos, and other highly caffeinated coffees. So, being a good pal, I went to a coffee shop with him and pressured him into having just one cup of joe. Afterwards, his personality just changed and the adrenaline just made him very talkative and slightly crazy.

    The last time I had a mocha, I felt anxious even if there were only 2 shots of expresso inside. I've decided to stick to lattes once in awhile, though I love dark chocolate mochas. There's certainly better ways to get an energy boost than caffeine. And don't even get me started on the few presentations I had on little sleep and double expresso shot drinks lol. I may have convinced the class that I held an invisible fan while I gave my speech during those days.
  16. very inspiring, thank you.

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