Caffeine and sugar during reboot?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by GottaMakeIt, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. GottaMakeIt

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    Many people here posted that they completely reduced sugar and caffeine during (or even after) reboot. I was wondering what is the reason for it...does refraining from sugar and caffeine causes dopamine levels to recover faster or is it because these substances cause things such as anxiety, craving to be stronger than necessary?
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    I work sitting all day, after eating if I do not drink coffee i fall asleep
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  3. Cimmeri

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    I've read both reasons and personally experienced the latter one. However, I wouldn't recommend trying to tackle too many addictions just in the beginning of your reboot, it might end up being counterproductive. Adding new challenges while you build momentum in your self healing process is a better way to go.
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    Ricordati di tradurre in inglese prima di postare altrimenti gli altri utenti non ti capiscono :D
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    I think that stopping pmo help you to get better in other addiction you may have.
    When i decided to stop pmo i was sure i was going to smoke a double amount, and it was true for 1\2 weeks, after that i automatically stopped smoking, don't ask me why.

    I also diminished a lot my sugar intake and made my diet really better.

    I still give in to junk food sometimes when i have withdrawal symptoms, the idea is that taking some sugar or mcdonald is better than smoking and doing pmo, but i think i will eat less and less junk food also in those occasion as time goes by.
  6. SanSolo

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    I never consumed much sugar to begin with. I have caffeine every day. I don't feel it was a problem at all.
  7. 4DCreator

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    there is usually one thing, that when you give up fapping you will crave sweets much more than before :D caffein is not good for people with anxiety as it causes panic attacks. I don't see a problem to eat sugar and drink coffee during reboot, but sugar fucks up your health slowly. Especially the nervous system and heart. But that's like a longterm issue.
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  8. Philomath

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    Sugar or sucrose is half fructose. It is only motabalised in the liver and is directly turned into fat through glyocogenisis. A lot of studies show sugar and sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame increase anxiety and depression significantly.

    Now I ask you this: when do a lot of people desire to PMO?

    Usually, when they are bored, depressed or anxious.

    Sugar will not help your journey. It will it make so much harder - cutting out sugar is actually an ingredient in addressing the root causes for fapping in the first place. Feeling down.
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  9. GottaMakeIt

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    Thanks everyone for discussion. It seems that @Philomath has nailed it.

    I started taking L-Tyrosine for a month or so and stopped eating sugar for a few days. My morning wood finally appeared (multiple during night and morning), although not 100% full potential erection but that is OK and I feel incrementally better with each day.

    So far it was a piece of cake (no pun intended) and will continue to reduce junk food. Definitively sugar and junk food are my strongest indulgences. If I cut these out and at the same time continue improving things in my personal life, things should improve.
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  10. In my case I have completely eliminated sugar...I just eat a wafered chocolate sometimes but I am trying to eliminate it too & I am feeling benifits after reducing sugar_My depression,my mood swings are very low
    About caffeine I am using it but its not a good idea as it increases sexual urges in my case so its better to eliminate both of them to boost our progress

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