Caffeine: The Silent Killer of Success

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Adjoint, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Clumsy

    Clumsy Banned

    Good thread, I've always thought that the skin of coffee drinkers looks more unhealthy, gets a yellowish tone, but mabe it's just me.
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  2. Hiroki

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    I'm going cold turkey tomorrow. At least I'm not working right now so I can just sleep as much as I want. Otherwise cold turkey is hell.

    Hey Adjoint where is that article from? It's good stuff. I also recommend this one,


    Clumsy that is an interesting insight. I notice in myself that my complexion loses its' luster and shine when I either 1) fap or 2) start drinking caffeine or alcohol routinely.
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  3. e5s

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    That's cigarette smoke, Clumsy, or possibly liver failure due to alcoholism. Caffeine doesn't do that.
  4. beauty

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    If that were the case, every second person you see on the street would have yellowish skin.
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  5. Adjoint

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    @Hiroki, I found this article last time I logged in my LinkedIn's account. At homepage, there's a thing called Pulse that proposes you two or three articles written by random people. Well, I logged in and "Caffeine: The Silent Killer of Success" was the first proposed article. I'm gonna read your article too, as soon as I find the time.

    Thanks for all the replies, people! I'm glad this article had such an impact!
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  6. Misfit

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    I decided to detox myself from coffee a few days ago, before I even noticed this thread. So far my withdrawal symptoms have included headaches, stomach upsets, lower back pain, flu-like aching and a mixture of excessive sleep and insomnia. Two days ago I slept for 12 hours, last night I slept for 3!

    I was seriously abusing it though - I'm just not a "moderation" type of guy.

    I'd suggest to anyone else doing this to stock up on painkillers first. You can mix ibuprofen, aspirin and paracetamol, but be careful of anything containing caffeine.
  7. Clumsy

    Clumsy Banned

    No, I don't mean tone you get from liver failure, it's more diffuse. And you don't see it in young people, but in people that has been consuming coffee for 50-60+ years. Caffeine and coffee in particular.

    Coffee causes horribly bad breath too. There's no reason for using it.
  8. Nageroma

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    Cigarettes, the smoke actually does have that effect. The smoke gets trapped in the dead skin and sinks into the pores and after time you start to see more wrinkles. Not necessarily yellow skin, that's from alcohol and damage to the liver. (Ex-brother-in-law is completely yellow from constant drinking and hospital visits.) It will slowly kill you. That being said, coffee actually can improve the skin if you use it in face masks, and it's why certain makeup brands use it for under eye concealers and creams.
  9. hellfire2

    hellfire2 Fapstronaut

    Guys its all about habit replacement. I succesfully gave up coffee about 8 months ago.. and I dont really miss it. I switched to green tea with a teaspoon of honey.. there is an urban myth that green tea has more caffine than coffee.. which is only true if you eat the tea bag!! cup of green tea has about 25-30mg of caffine vs 100mg of instant coffee, real coffee has about 200mg of caffine.

    For the smokers out there. The best tool for replacing that habit is E-cigarettes:
    I was only social smoker, but if I may suggest people try Electronic cigarettes to support quitting.
    Many of my friends have succesfully quit smoking using these and they come in nicotine/tabacco free types too.
    I would suggest E-cigs because they replace the habit without actually quitting.. Alot healthier.. No carcinogens, carbon monoxide.. mostly water vapour.. your body will confuse with smoking.
    Most importantly they replicate the focused deep breathing in smoking often used in meditation which relieves tensions and calms the mind.
    Therefore receiving the benefits of smoking without the catch..
  10. Mitness

    Mitness Fapstronaut

    Still people in this thread?

    Just wondering, gave up coffee a month ago. Feel great. But now i'm using green and white tea. There's also caffeine in it, but less then coffee.. How good is it for my rewiring and reboot to quit white and green tea? If it's better i will stop immediately!
  11. Wolves

    Wolves Fapstronaut

    Is this all bullshit?
  12. Ajar

    Ajar Fapstronaut

    I had posted about this exact topic on Student Fastronauts a while back. Personally I feel less Sugar, and Caffeine caused an overall decrease in lethargy which decreases my feelings of wasting time in my life. Also my memory has increased, acne went down. Energy has just escalated. I stopped caffeine because I noticed how irritated I was after some hours after drinking it. Sugar just made me feel so hot, and lethargic, dull is another word. Ever since I got off of them, I feel better. I also do OMAD now, and I stick to sugar free products. I definitely feel better. More in control.
  13. Ajar

    Ajar Fapstronaut

    I notice I have more anger and definitely less patience after drinking coffee. Idk if it's because of my past, but just thought I'd include that as well
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  14. hubbawulf1234

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    I personally have no adverse affect from coffee. Drink a regular cup when I get up, 2 half-caffs at work. Sleep is fine, hydration is a trick but all I drink for the rest of the day is water anyway.
  15. Newlife33

    Newlife33 Fapstronaut

    I only have it as a treat when I meet with someone and enjoy the buzz along with the conversation. Seeing people drink it every day makes me cringe, I can see the addiction of it.
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  16. Yep u do

    Yep u do Fapstronaut

    My father had drunk coffee every day for at least 20 years and he has no problem. I recognise that he is addicted but for two weeks he had to stop and i saw no mood change nor he was tired all the day
  17. Optimum Fortitude

    Optimum Fortitude Fapstronaut

    What about decaffeinated coffee? Is it OK to drink? I read that it contains a few milligrams of caffein.

    I quit drinking coffee a week ago and I can really feel the effects: less tired, less mood swings, emotionally more stable, less irritable, heart rate slower, blood flow slower, easier to sleep and so on.

    But I like the taste of coffee, and decaf seems like a good alternative.
  18. Angus McGyver

    Angus McGyver Fapstronaut

    Over the past few years, I have managed to get rid off the following burdens in my life:

    -Most processed foods
    -Sweets (primarily pastries, cakes, and chocolate)

    But coffee is still the one that I have the hardest giving up at the moment. I am primarily using it in the afternoon as a laxative so I can get rid of the load so to speak. Although I can (without problem) limit myself to one cup/day, it would be interesting to try and see what happens if I abstained for an entire week or month.
    Have any of you noticed any significant differences after giving up coffee??
  19. TheGambler

    TheGambler Fapstronaut

    I thought it was really interesting you put self pity in there, as it is the most deadly of all of them. And mentally I'd say the porn and masturbation are closely tied to it. Interestingly it seems like most religious people I know who rail against these have the hardest time abstaining, and from experience I can say religion had became a compulsion as well.

    I drink Redbull everyday and coffee periodically to offset the Zoloft fatigue side-effect. After 15 years drug and alcohol sobriety, I decided to go on anti depressants for bi polarity.
  20. Optimum Fortitude

    Optimum Fortitude Fapstronaut

    Interesting post, thanks.

    What do yall mean by self-pity?

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