Cake; after the crisis

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    Besides a joke about God waiting for you with an angel food cake (see what I did there?), I was thinking about the silver lining to all of this for you. What seems to stand out to me is that after the dust settles from your current situations, and it will eventually settle - it always does, you are going to be tempered to face literally anything life can throw at you. Regular life stress? Ha! It’s nothing. Big life problem? Pssh! Still just a blip on the radar.

    You are extraordinary and one day Tarentino will make a movie about you because you’ve kicked so much ass.

    Love and hugs to you and the BCs.
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    I believe there is always a gift (or many gifts) at the end of our trials, be it new growth, strength, or many other things. It's like a tree being cut back or pruned. All the long, beautiful tendrils that took so many years to get that way are chopped off leaving it looking ugly and dead. But give it the proper care, feeding and love, and in time it comes back stronger, healthier and even more beautiful than before. This is how life shapes us. The in between times are hard, so hard. Sometimes we are only able to live in survival mode, but it will get better. Keep persevering, Cake. One day you'll be able to look back and see all the blessings that came from these fires. You are strong. You are loved. You are Cake.
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    I've been patiently waiting on your words of wisdom & you haven't let me down.

    I once worked with a lady who was 86 years old. There were 4 of us girls up front including her... She would sit at her desk using one of those old time calculators that would make this annoyingly loud noise everytime she pushed a button & the paper ran through. She loved to push those buttons.... she'd smoke a pack a day & complain about her husband, who was equally as elderly, not being able to keep up with her. The other girls & I thought she was a riot; fiestiest person I've ever met, full of non-sugarcoated stories/advice about life. She taught us girls a lot about the world & how to handle things thrown our way. There has been one thing she told me that has stuck with me to this day, years later. I was going through a break-up or a fight, can't quite remember, but she said Cake, you just gotta laugh or you'll cry. Don't ever let them see you cry.

    So, I live by this. I try to keep some kind of humor in otherwise shitty situations so those shitty situations don't invade the goodness in life. Humor is good. A laugh is way better than eating bon-bons on the couch while sobbing & watching Judge Judy.

    God is going to have his hands full with this girl. I bet his angel food cake is to die for (you got an extra nickle for this funny, btw).

    I wonder who will play you in the movie....maybe you'll be like the wizard in oz; hidden but forever being heard over the loudspeaker dishing out wisdoms.

    Thx, as always. You're one of the good ones. Don't forget that.
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    While I can't fully understand what you are going through I can say you have the right frame of mind and I hope you enjoy every day you have left your Mom.

    You have an opportunity to say goodbye when the time comes and that can be precious in itself. When my Fater passed suddenly last year we didn't get that chance and I know it still bothers my Mom to this day that she didn't say goodbye when he left for work that morning.
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    Thank you, friend :)

    I can imagine how hard losing your father suddenly would be for your family & I am so sorry that happened.

    Life just isn't fair. It really isn't. Just have to roll with the punches.....There's a lesson to be learned in all of it's unfairness.

    Give your mom a good hug for me
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    Maynard wrote & said he was sad I had forgotten about him. He's right; that brilliant man got me through the summer of surprises.

    This particular song, got me through the toughest times. Like the time I sat in the parking lot of the hospital, my mom inside. She'd just had a lobe of her lung removed to try & get the cancer. I'd just found a hidden camera in my bathroom. It was almost out of body; I just sat. I listened to this at least 75x & finally snapped out of this horrible, tranquil state. I put on a smile, greeted the doctors, & earned daughter of the year with tending to my mother, despite the explosion I'd left down the road.

    I still look back at days like those & wonder how in the actual hell I made it through.

    Cheers to Maynard. Saved my ass

    Damage has defined our border
    All that matter forged in flame
    Knowing little of your wounding
    Share our mending all the same

    Weight of words and wars we carried
    I'm like you, just like you
    Eyes of secret and storm and story
    But shared, and well, we'll make it through

    Sadness like a pendulum
    Pulls us round and to and fro
    Onus Fate and Undo Odium
    Armor, anchor, lead and stone

    By the telling let them become
    Will they all be feathers?

    Eyes of secret storm and story
    Show and tell, we'll make it through
    Onus Fate and Undo Odium
    Armor, anchor, lead and stone

    By the telling
    may they become
    May they all be feathers

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    I like to people watch. I could sit in an airport all day & just watch other humans doing very human things & having very human feelings. Airports are the best places for these kinds of observations because statistically, for every happy reunion from someone getting off the plane & into the arms of a loved one, there is an equal disaster from the couple with young children & an overbooked flight.

    It's amazing to see the stark contrasts in what happiness & utter despair look like in real time. You can see how one event can so easily lead to the things we want in life or the things we'd rather jump out of a plane than have to deal with.

    It never fails; after I get kids to bed, I'm left in this transient limbo of happiness & despair. I kind of aimlessly walk around the house talking to the therapist in my head. For too long I have desired one of those pure, get off the plane experiences. For someone to really be happy to see me. To throw their arms around me & tell me how much they love me. Instead, I've been the girl getting the silent treatment because something happened out of my control or for basically existing, in all honesty. I've been the girl that sat seething inside as I was berated & negated while eyes were on every other woman but me. Killing my soul.

    These transient limbos 6 months ago would've led to me getting angry at myself for letting it happen, angry at the person for thinking they can treat someone that way, & angry at the happy ones. Nowadays, the transience is short lived & usually consists of the therapist in my head telling me that these are the cards I was dealt. I have to make the best of them. I am in control of the love I receive, the way I receive it, & how I shall give mine.

    Nobody puts baby in a corner

    Also, can someone start a Give Cake Her Name Back petition to Alex? My counsel suggested I change it bc looky lookies, but it's just not me. I'm Cake. I need to be Cake again. 90 days is too long to wait (& I totally did not even see this little warning when changing). I need my identity back :emoji_sob::emoji_sweat:

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    This sounded very grounded to me. I heard calmness in how it was written. I think you are on a good path.

    So the name...hmmm. I still am scratching my head at the meaning. I think you gave me a hint once but it didnt help. I just keep thinking Marie Antoinette or something. Let them eat cake...and the poor peasants of France indulging in their "cake" amid the crisis. That seems to...un-American to be your style though.
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    I am feeling pretty mellow, my friend. Such a welcome state to be in compared to others :)

    Why I chose Cake sounds so boring compared to your version.

    And prayers
    Like cake in a crisis
    We're bleeding out

    It's been enlightening to hear from others on what they think it means. It's a conversation in itself. I need it back

    I am miss america. You know this.
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    The promises.... In unison "we think not!" Good stuff.
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    I just asked jeeves & I don't understand the correlation :emoji_shrug:
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    It's a 12 step thing. The "we think not" is usually said as a group when The Promises is read aloud.
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    Yeah, i got that much...
    What about my post equates to we think not? Im really stumped by this & I don't like it.

    Cake would have had this figured out by now. Dammit.
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    Oh yeah sorry. I have no idea how that relates to you. I'm on my third quesadilla and my fourth High Life. There are four boys tearing up my house and my wife is at school. Two twins btw. So there's a connection!
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    :emoji_joy: I empathize with the I have not a clue how I got here but fuggit mentality.

    Effin aye!
    The hell are you doing on here explaining steps to me for?!

    Dude, just sit back & observe the twins. It's like watching a science experiment from all facets of studies in rl.
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  17. I am so confused by the name change. What happened?!?
  18. 0111zerozero11

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    Ugh. I know. I'm confused too.

    The best law man on planet earth suggested because :emoji_eyes:

    I totally overlooked the whole 90 day thing :emoji_face_palm:
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    I just sent someone to my old journals & got damn, that's some raw & awesome shit right there.

    I love reading my journals.

    You all should do it. Not mine, but yours.

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    I can't say I know all that you have gone through, but I know it is a lot.
    I know you posted on my journal something I didn't "get", so tried to look and see the reference in your posts.
    I still don't get it, still don't understand the full picture you are dealing with, but that's ok.
    You are dealing with more than you should have to and you are still here. Quite amazingly strong.

    Writing a book is a great idea, I hope you do. Putting a few of the stories on this site together in a book wouldn't be so bad either. A great book to leave by the pillow (or sofa cushion) of the PA....
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