Calm, strong presence - the foundation of reaching out to your woman

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    I would like to share My view of why women might be attracted to you, while you practice nofap.

    1. Confidence. For some reason, whether it be dopamine or not i dont know, you act more confident. You might claim your space instead of hiding in a corner.
    2. Signals. The world of Female body language opens up to you. You see and interpret their subtle signals of attraction and interest. You are not numbed out anymore.
    3. Reacting differently. When those signals might occur, you are not neurotic anymore. You react with a calm, strong presence. She Will continue to test you in different ways, but you Will just stay calm, strong and present. This means everything.
    All this is manifested Through body language; Its subtle, yet extremely powerful and nofap is The foundation.

    The key is not being numbed out, and being able to hold your ground through - physiologically - not overreacting. You reach this state with nofap and by not arousing your mind in Any way; no porn, no sex chatting, nothing that rushes The mind like Mad. Then, with time, you Will get there.

    Cold showers and meditation might contribute as well. Keep a clean diet, no stimulants.

    Pmo overstimulates your nervous system and destroys this so fundamentally important state of mind and body.

    Last but not least,
    Follow and listen to you heart. Speak to her with and from The depth of your heart and soul.

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    Hey man, no worries.

    For me, this has taken place.
    I notice The signals from women from far, and i notice how i respond and react differently.. Its like when i was a kid and Its The best feeling. Ive Been approached by females when reaching this state, something that has not happened in 10 (fapping) years. Im humble and grateful.
    Its like a new cognitive platform based on a relaxed, sound nervous system which finally is being treated normally.

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    Thank you.
    I would like to add though, i reach this state when i do not arouse My mind in Any way + nofap. Of Course other factors also come in to play; as clothing, exercise, friendships, diet, spirituality. But according to My experience, having a "balanced nervous system" is most important. Wish you a great nofap Journey.
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    I am 9 days free and i got to tell you my confidence skyrocketed.I found it difficult to stare people at their eyes when talking and of course that was bad.Now when i walk down the streets i shoot women with my eyes, staring at her cold blooded feeling super alpha and in my mind i'm like "Yea you wish you had me".I have always been working out, looking good and it's not something else that affect my confidence.I guess that is psychological, i have tried many times looking people at their eyes and i always felt that anxiety, i have tried numerous times, but i guess it's just biology.So my point is, my confidence is really improved along with all the benefits and it's all because i stopped PMO.
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  5. Nice post - to add to it, I personally believe there's a strong physiological component to the enhanced attraction from females experienced during NoFap. I also think there's an explanation for why some get it and others don't.

    Those abstaining from all three of the PMO trinity, including O, and thus not ejaculating at all, have some additional effects that you don't get by just abstaining from P. First of all, by not ejaculating, the volume of your sperm and your sperm count is increasing. This means your fertility is going up.

    Second of all, orgasm itself causes decreased expression of androgen receptors (receptors where male hormones bind). Androgens are again responsible for how fertile you are and how likely your sperm is to conceive a child. By abstaining and allowing your androgen receptors to up-regulate again, you're again becoming more fertile.

    We've already seen studies that show women during their most fertile period tend to be more attracted to men who are more fertile (i.e. with more facial hair, higher testosterone levels etc) - and so it is likely this is where the added attraction to people doing NoFap comes from. Now bear in mind this shouldn't affect //all// women, mostly only women who are fertile, i.e. "ready to mate" from an evolutionary perspective. It also shouldn't affect all NoFap practitioners, only those who are abstaining from ejaculation entirely (or at least have been recently).

    I've experienced the effect myself and it's definitely real. If you haven't experienced it yourself, take at least 10-14 days of no ejaculation (not even during sex), and go to a busy nightclub. You don't even have to approach any women. They will approach you. Seriously. Try it!
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