Calming Music to help fight urges and keep God close

For Fapstronauts who are disciples of Christ

  1. dethly

    dethly Fapstronaut

    I've recently been listening to these 3 playlists on Spotify while driving, getting ready in the morning, before sleeping, etc. I find that they bring me an incredible peace of mind and help keep unholy urges at bay. They are older style hymns and chants but I hope that all of you can appreciate the style. Some of these chants are typical to be found in an Orthodox liturgy as well, so they can help you stay in a constant state of prayer. Enjoy!
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  2. When I listen to this I picture Jesus entering Jerusalem riding a donkey.
  3. Hey, I'm so happy to see this! That man, Schemarchimandrite Seraphim, is from my country - the republic of Georgia. His monastery is really close to my city. His liturgy is always in Aramaic, maybe someday I'll visit him.
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