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    3 a 21 year old male in desperate need of help. I’m here because I realized I can’t beat porn addiction on my own. I’ve tried and failed several times. Been watching porn since I was 12 and it’s escalated into a crippling addiction. Got me depressed and full of anxiety. I’m totally anti social now and don’t have any friends any more. I used to have a great life and friends...I was a drummer in a metal band with talented slowly but surely stole my personality. And drugs made it a lot worse I’m sure. I’m off drugs and alcohol now but I was smoking a lot of pot and dabbling in other drugs during a lot of my formative years...let’s just say it’s done it’s damage on my brain. I’m doing much better in terms of my health these days. I eat very clean and healthy and exercise every day and that definitely has improved my depressive makes my brain foggy and depressed but consistent abstinence and clean eating/working out for about 40-60 days seems to do the trick in restoring my dopamine/serotonin levels. Porn is definitely the new drug of this generation. Any help is much appreciated. Really need some accountability.
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    Welcome Tony and congratulations on the decision to quit :)
    It's great that you are off drugs and alcohol which shows that you are already on the journey of self-improvement.
    It shows that you are capable of helping yourself, so you will eventually beat the porn addiction,too :) You are not alone and together with the community you will make it :)
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