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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by allistop, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. allistop

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    Hey guys,

    I have been trying to quit porn for about one year now. Relapsing, then quitting and restarting all over again.
    Right now I’m 19 days off porn. I was feeling good and everything was fine. But since the beginning of this week i could not concentrate at work. Anything that takes me 1 hour normally, takes much longer now and I cannot focus on a task for 15 straight minutes. I don’t know I think my brain is lacking its dopamine from porn. Does anybody have a solution or something I could do to concentrate more?
    I don’t want to relapse this time, as I’ve had a very hard time during the previous months due to my addiction

    Thanks guys, I appreciate any type of advice :)
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  2. MusicMakingMonk

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    Practice meditation and mindfulness.
    Learn how to take a good break, letting your mind rest for a bit then giving it another go.
    Some coffee?

    I have ADD so concentration is a big problem for me, but I know one thing for sure, PMO won't make it any better.
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  3. Awakened & Aware

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    Hi mate,

    I am just getting out of such a phase. This phase lasted about 2 weeks for me. Here's what helped me:

    1. I discovered that working with someone improved efficiency. When I was alone in my cabin with my laptop, much of mind's energy and focus went in controlling the urges. I guess when I worked with others - brain had no choice to think about porn, and hence could focus on work. Working with colleagues is not always an option and in normal circumstances, may not be best choice either. But in a situation like you mentioned, I found that some work is better than nothing.

    2. Try to get some simple/dumb things off your ToDo list. Maybe there are some simple tasks you never attended to because they were not urgent. Can be as simple as cleaning your desk or scanning that long list of documents or replying to emails or polishing those lecture notes. Now might be good time to knock these simple tasks.

    3. Be patient. I could tell myself that winning the abstinence battle is much more important than few weeks (or even an year) of productivity at work. Sounds tough, but that might very well be true with most of us!

    4. I realized - that somehow abstinence was slowly bringing me on the right path in my career as well. Sometimes we are entangled in daily routine work - important as it may seem, it may actually be keeping us on the wrong track in life. We should not neglect our immediate duties/commitments- but if we know that the direction of our work is improving / better aligning with our dreams, we can take comfort in that fact.

    5. I had faith (which came true in couple of weeks) that even though my productivity is down temporarily - successful abstinence will eventually increase my productivity manifold. After 2 weeks of low efficiency - my productivity is now better than what it was a month ago.

    I am sure that your low productivity phase will also not last long. Just don't go into the old cycle again. It is foolish to repeat the same actions and expect different results. Put everything you can at stake. Stay patient and strong.

    Wish you all the best. Will watch out for updates from you!
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  4. Stop watching porn. Your cognitive abilities will return. It takes time but you will be back to normal.
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  5. Ra's Al Ghul

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    Get to 30 days and beyond. The brain fog may take a while to leave you depending on how badly addicted you are/were. For me I know that sharper clarity returned once I go past 30 days.
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  6. Iceberg

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    If you get urges or feel brain fog go for a run. It will help massively. Also, practice mindfulness and/or turn to spirituality. It will help you gain your mental focus back again.

    Stay Strong,
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