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  1. After one last night of debauchery I have decided enough is enough, I know the life of purity I desire cannot be found through sin, and more importantly I cannot be an effective soldier of God if I am serving the enemy. As the title says right now I am restless and cannot sleep, I have watch at 630 and already overslept one day so I am making sure that does not happen again and that itself is a source of anxiety. I decided instead of lying down trying to sleep to instead rite a list of things I am denouncing, let me share some with you. I am denouncing alcohol, pmo, drugs, speaking without thinking, sinful self pleasure, swearing, lies, eating bad “foods”. I know some of these will require more effort than others but these are things currently plaguing me, but one thing we must all keep in mind is only through Christ can we truly change for the better, self improvement only works if God is backing you and you are doing it to become closer to him, always keep the Lord in mind and do every good thing in honor of him. I want this to be the last time I restart, and I know if I cling to God and pray without cease I will make it through the storm, pray for me please brothers and sisters and let us all put the old self to death once and for all, so that we may please God and live humble, honest, and pure lives for God.
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    Just said a prayer for you brother. You are not alone.
  3. This really means a lot to me, thank you.
  4. It might be difficult to tackle that entire list all at once. I never could address more than one thing at a time. Move forward as the Spirit leads.

    Maybe consider getting some APs and starting to check in with them every day? I know that has been a big help for me. We cannot do this alone.

    I am praying for you and cheering you on. :)
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    I hope you reach your first goal but why dont you start with confession? Does anyone know about your addiction? You need to confess. You need to talk with somebody about your addiction. That was the 1st step I made to start my recovery. You should start to think about a person, a really good friend or family member who you trust and love. It gonna take time, courage and it gonna be sooo hard and embarrasing to do it but also going to be sooooooo healing. Don't save anything, be clear and say it loud. It took me 6 years to do it but when I did it.. my life changed..
    Then you can start to reach each goal of your list.
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