Can’t stop checking out women

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Fixmybrain, Oct 20, 2019.

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    And I have a GF too. Everywhere I turn my head lies a hot woman that I ‘need’ to have sex with and get her pregnant which is weird as fuck. In fact every young woman I see that’s either pregnant or has kids really turns me on cause I know said woman had sex in order to achieve that. I feel like a fucking freak someone help me
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    I'd advise keeping a journal in which you can discuss these thoughts with yourself. You aren't a freak or a weirdo, lots of guys know exactly what you mean.
    When I ceased calling myself names (freak, weirdo, abnormal, you get what I mean) and tried to consider what was happening and why, I was better able to deal with it, particularly through a diary or a journal. Even if you hate writing you can set aside as little as five or ten minutes a week to discuss it with yourself. But again, you are a person, you aren't weird.
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    Good luck on your journey and congrats on the GF. Sustaining that relationship must be important to you, or you wouldn't be on this website or focusing on the goal of abstaining.

    I really like Ogikubo's advice. Keeping a journal or posting here to externalize your thoughts will be very helpful in the long run. Venting them here, for instance, will get you not one but even two people telling you that your experience is fairly normal. In fact, there is some pretty sound social science behind the idea that pregnant women arouse men more. Some women share their experience of receiving more unsolicited attention from men while visibly pregnant.

    I am not trying to give you a license to ogle, but sometimes there can be some vanity in guilt, where we think we are especially different from other people because of our perceived bad tendencies. I agree, you probably shouldn't be turning your smoldering bedroom eyes on strangers. I agree, that could make them uncomfortable, your girlfriend jealous and mistrusting, and you a worse person for causing those feelings of violation. But recognizing those tendencies as normal is a first step in controlling them.
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    There a book called everyman's battle. It talks on how to combat porn and one that helped me greatly over come this. In the book it talks about controlling your eyes. Stop looking, turn away quickly, look to the ground. Control your eyes, then control your thought, control your actions.

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