Can a gay guy be a Christian?

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  1. reddyyfreddyy

    reddyyfreddyy Fapstronaut

    Trying to convert from gay to straight doesn’t work. So can a gay man ever make good with Jesus? Does Jesus exclude gay guys?
  2. Augustine_Hippo

    Augustine_Hippo Fapstronaut

    Hey :)

    Jesus doesn't exclude anyone from his love and forgiveness. We are all sinners and Jesus died for ALL of us.

    Of course the views on homosexuality in the Church today are very complex. Many are openly gay but refrain from sexual interactions. Many view it as a sin, others don't. Just remember that whatever your view, we are all made in the image of God and he wants us to embrace his love.
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  3. Tao Jones

    Tao Jones Fapstronaut

    Homosexual sex is sin. Scripture is clear on that.
    Homosexual attraction and temptation is not a sin. All are tempted, in one way or another.
    It is in reconciling these two facts where there is need for the Spirit to guide us into truth and wisdom.

    As the Spirit guides you, this may be worth a read: Written by a dear friend and Christian brother of mine.
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  4. Lakeside

    Lakeside Fapstronaut

    Being actively homosexual (engaging in homosexual sex or living in a homosexual relationship) is sinful.
    But being attracted or tempted by the same sex is not sinful.

    Everyone is tempted by one thing or another. Your temptation to engage in sexual relations with a man is no more sinful than my temptation to have sex with a girl outside of marriage. Both of us are tempted and have sinful desires as a result of the fall (we have fallen bodies living in a fallen world). We're all equal in sin (if I can put it like that)
    Temptation isn't sin, but giving in to temptation is. Jesus Himself was tempted (by the devil), but the Bible clearly tells us He was perfect and without sin.

    Jesus loves you as much as He loves me, as much as He loves anyone. We're all sinners, and yet God loves us and offers us all salvation, no matter what we've done.
  5. drac16

    drac16 Fapstronaut

    If homosexuals want to say "I'm a homosexual and you must accept homosexual acts as being acceptable and permissible", I don't see a place for that. In the same way, I would not see a place for "I am an abuser of alcohol and you must make a place for alcoholism in Christianity". However, in a case in which a homosexual man/woman sincerely wants Christ and to obey his teachings, we can welcome those people in our faith and they should be part and parcel of our walk with Christ.

    We don't change the faith simply to accommodate people, but we can welcome a homosexual person if they are willing to renounce homosexual acts and relationships. They have to want to change. They don't have to overcome it on their own; the Holy Spirit will assist them over time. :)

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