Can a reboot include M and O?

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  1. Hi all

    I am currently on day 29 PMO but have M a few times recently as I feel the urges to touch myself increasing. I want to reboot but not clear on whether a reboot can happen if you just avoid P successfully or whether you have to include M and O?

    Or is it just down to the individual to decide?
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    I´d say if you have been addicted to P for a long time you should not touch yourself. Not until 90 day will pass, your brain needs an complete reboot :)
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    I agree with @Asdor22. I have read that we develop neural associations with pmo during the addiction. Engaging in any of those will therefore keep the link active, and one thing will often lead to the other eventually. From experience though, this just means that you are still struggling to quit. Making up excuses and ways to get away with bits of the addiction. For me this caused a relapse just over day 30. My issue specifically was with peeking and watching twerk videos etc. I was in denial and made posts about it (similar to this), found other people who wrote/ shared my view point and tried to justify it etc. But at the end of the day we know the truth, and that's to be completely clean. Having said that, you are on the right path. After my relapse I went back to pmo for a couple of months but with less frequency. I also kept the measures I set up to avoid pmo like keeping busy, avoiding the internet etc. Soon I realised that I started to stop having favourite scenes or stars etc. And watching twerk videos stopped making sense. I am on a new streak now and this is perhaps my first true monk mode. The urges are easier to deal with now and the only thing I try to fight are naughty thoughts. But even these are rare now. I feel that most people say they reached day 90 after failing a few times like we have done. So keep fighting but remember to stay true to yourself, we can M after the addiction is cured but there is still risk there even later. So be true to yourself and continue working.
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