Can an Accountability Partner Appear to = a [Comfortablity Carpenter]?

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    Can an Accountability Partner Appear to = a [Comfortablity Carpenter]?

    We can review the many conversations which have asked "I need or want an accountability partner." An [accountability partner] is a person who coaches another person in terms of helping the other person keep a commitment. If we know what an accountability partner is, then...

    What is a comfortability carpenter?

    I, [Stands To Reason] here, with intention sharing something not discussed before. Of the Fapstronaut's who desire an accountability partner (AP) we need to discover the accountability partners who have NO ability to be a serviceable assistant. So, I made-up a term Why? Because they pretend and make things up. I call them a [comfortability carpenter.] I placed this here to help you be vigilant in identifying this. To strengthen you. To save you time. Take heed, and be not deceived by them. Those people may be kindhearted, but because they are not ready or willing to be submissive, not to you, not to anyone, they will not learn what it takes to be accountable. [Stands To Reason] will not waste time with Fapstronauts like this. It is hoped you discern this scenario when it comes. Recognize its falseness. It's definitely out there. These sufferers post what they hope will be accepted as genuine accountability. They want to pose to work out their 'addiction' and will use you to do it. It doesn't work and you risk bringing yourself down.

    By-the-way, [Stands To Reason] doesn't explain away sin as addiction.

    What these [comfortable carpenters] will show, in time, is that they want to remain uncountable while putting on a pretense of morality. They can protect their personality and rationale their psyche. They can justify their relapsing, edging, willpower, whatever. They can hide in unwillingness to become vulnerable, and come out from their errors. This is closer to a truth. For them, they would rather stay in the darkness of torment than to face fear of light walk the way God says to walk. We are to walk in His light, the light of His Spirit. So, [comfortable carpenters] come to NoFap® and set up a membership account. Being friendly, and putting on display of sincerity, they post for help.

    They'll list goals, like no PMO, but subconsciously they aren't ready to go forward with such a difficult endeavor. Because of this, and because using willpower alone, they are limited to going in circles. So they pretend, because they cannot quit on their own strength, because their thought life has not been dealt with. Dark thoughts in, results every time in the sin coming out. Whereto, they get to constructing a place in their mind to endure. A strong, familiar, seemingly safe, and a relaxing place. A dark place of concealment.

    An they do this skillfully with how I liken a carpenter or craftsman. [comfortability carpenters] are deceived as all unregenerate Fapstronauts are. They are on a path which the Bible says, is will lead to everlasting torment in burning. [Comfortable carpenters] construct a secure place in their mind where they can go. They have set boundaries and will not let anyone cross them to make them feel they've done something that comes with penalty. A fact that PMO is sexual sin, and that all sin leads to death, this should shake the sinner; to a vital point of wake up to the fact we all need Christ. Without Him all anyone has at NoFap®, is willpower.

    But even if you could stop PMO (long-term) on your own, unrepentant sin still sends sinners to the lake of fire. Most here have not repented of their sins (changing one's mind to turn from it.) Sin is wrong, friends. Especially when they relapse and then need to justify conflict or shame by sharing they need a partner. You think it is a safe harmless place for you? But it's actually a very deceptive practice and a life-threatening, dangerous place to go. Life-threatening because sin leads to death.

    If you honestly want to be free of sexual sin, go to God first. Because you have allowed darkness in by improper thoughts, you too, like every NoFap® sufferer, who hasn't repented from their sins, who can not currently recognize the danger you are in. It's invisible, so, no other unregenerate mind knows this either. They know they are allowing this place in their mind, and that they revert there when stress is too great.
    It's a demonic place which the Bible calls a stronghold. Meditate on what Scripture says about strongholds. We all have opportunity to change this destination to an everlasting eternity in heaven. For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; But you, dear member, are now aware. Stay away from seeking a [comfortability carpenter] as a guide. Stay away from selfish invitations of such support. When you need and want an accountability partner, it is recommended, you seek and find a true Christian who give you compassion and proper direction, who knows God's commands and is successful in overcoming Hard Mode. We are here to help one another. Let us help ourselves first, in being honest.

    Wishing you find peace. In deed and truth,​

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