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  1. I am very shy /introvert kind of person , the girl whom I am attracted is very confident in nature , and is a extrovert , I don't know how to express my feelings to her , can any one suggest on it
  2. I told my lady I enjoyed the dinner we had on our 1st date, that I like how she looks and talks, that I feel great with her and that I saw her from a huge distance as she was aproaching me for a 1st time and that she looked the best from all ppl around.

    Was enough to open her fully and we are together still, heading towards our 3rd date.

    Just be honest, really mean what u say and try to make it natural and not forced. Just a part of ordinary conversation.

    If she likes it - great! U up to a nice start.

    If she doesnt, move on immediately without any regrets and find a better match.

    Good luck!!!
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    Give more details.

    Do you two know each other? Is it a coworker? What exactly is it that you want to express to her? What do you like about her?

    From what you've given us so far... she's a confident extrovert and you're a shy introvert. You're going to want to isolate yourself and avoid social situations as much as possible. You'll hide who you are and close yourself off from the world. She'll want to do the opposite. She'll want to go out, meet people, and be involved in a lot of social situations. She wants to express herself and share / collaborate with others.

    If you two were to be involved in a relationship, you'll have to sacrifice your shy / introverted / isolated / peaceful / comfortable life to some degree.

    If that's truly what you want, then you'll have to be more outgoing, improve your social skills, and be more open / vulnerable. Starting with her.
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    I don't think asking exclusively women for dating advice is a best idea. Some will give you valuable insight, but I noticed many situations like this "Just ask her to go for a coffe with you" "Have you ever been approached like that?" "Hmm, no...". Guys more often speak about what worked (or didn't work for them). No matter who you talking to be sure they are not bullshiting. Some people may do it from empathy or to make you feel better by telling how easy is this, I think women especially because they are more empathetic.

    If some of your shyness comes from some shortcomings or anxieties - work on them.
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  5. I used to be one too, then I started rebooting.

    You don't express feelings. That's effeminate. If you like her, ask her out to spend time with you. This kind of exclusive attention is more than enough to show her your attraction, outside flix there is no need to verbalize anything. If she likes you too, she will start testing your frame.
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    Yeah stop asking women for dating advice.

    Just ask her out and it doesn't have to be a big deal.

    Tell her you're going to grab coffee/drink and she's more than welcome to tag along. If she's up for it she will, if not...time to move on

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