Can anyone explain the unmet psychological needs of escalation?

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  1. My porn problem has taken me away from my own sexual interests and I have suffered for it.
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    Condensed story with some additional information:
    I've had problems viewing gay furry porn when in real life I want women. The furry thing may have happened because of 12-14ish year old me's kind of obsession with the extremely classic gamecube games and a drawn out starfox command playing binge the summer when I was twelve. The gay thing, I don't know what happened. I've read a little in some forums that escalation comes from unmet psychological needs. Can anyone offer any explanations? Please ask questions if you need any information.
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  2. Escalation happens when your brain is trying to get that next most "exciting" fix. It is very common, do not be worried about it. Focus in healing and it will fade in time.
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    @freddifox is right about escalation -- and it regularly crosses over into MM sex. please do not stress over that; your mind can go anywhere it likes, especially when you're aroused, and it tends to help your reboot not to also be stressed about rigid binary either/or categories such as "being" gay or straight. just reboot and all will land on its feet.

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