Can anyone solve this riddle for me, please.

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by luskos, May 25, 2020.

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    So the thing is that most of my life i've spent without any confidence whatsoever. Never got it as something particularly needed or wanted. Everywhere i look for information about getting the attention of a woman, it's always about that damn thing called confidence. Some sources state that they need to see that in a man, for various reasons. Testing you, making decisions based on how well you play that alpha role and whatnot. That masculinity is by my opinion so overrated. Why should anyone invest time in getting that skill if that's what it is? It's almost primarily needed for the first phase of the game where the lady should feel attracted to you. After some five years or so and even far less in many cases, if she decided to stay with you marry you or else be on your side, it doesn't even matter that if you fart around that woman. Why should anyone put so much effort in acquiring a skill that beyond the initial few months becomes useless. Most women required that in a man, but it's somehow never what they say they are with that guy for. And another thing best be answered from a woman if there's any reading that message... Why do you put up with just anyone having enough guts to ramble in your general direction while it's obvious he's not actually confident but faking it? I've seen it numerous times. You women in general don't even know what you are looking for. So many guys are just faking it and still got your attention. It's like the scene from Pirates of the Caribbean, when they ask Jack Sparrow if he got the key, respectively the confidence. And he is like: I've got better! A picture of a key! In other words just impudent and cheeky. As a man i see it so hilarious from the perspective of a observer. How impudent and cheeky pass for confident? By any means confident should be being yourself without fear of failure, not trying your best to bullshit the chick that this is yourself that you present there. That you are not asking an obvious question to foreigner colored woman like "Where are you from? Africa, really (some african country stated), and where exactly is that because my geography is a bit rusty..." Dude, is this all you've got? Is this all that's required actually? Shoot in the dark until you get a hit? Just the other day one of the guys at work just came and stated that one of the girls is a wh*re in her own foreign language, that being Polish and used without any conversational context is very offensive, somehow these guys got from Wh*re stated by the guy to "My friend told me how to pronounce I love you in your language." by the girl. If i just go to some girl and state that she's a wh*re, this by my opinion should be social suicide with that person. I am baffled... Database is incomplete on that matter.
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    Hey @luskos, that's a lot of stuff in that post. Here's my attempt to respond. Just make it your goal to accept that this is out there. Some women and some men take it serious, and others don't. Some can't help it, and some can. A lot of it is instinctual too. If you put everyone in this box, you will be greatly disappointed long term. My recommendation would be to accept this as a reality for some people, but that you know you can be better. If you show signs to a woman that you are aware this game exists and you can be playful about it, you will have a better chance of creating attraction. You can rise above and not get stuck in it like the rest, and do it without being an asshole (showing grace). Being playful and talking about the ins and outs of this stuff with women would show you are an alpha yourself, especially if you have the guts to admit, you're no better (even tho you are). Good luck my friend. It will surely take practice.
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    No is not. As a man to be masculine is the most important thing. Not to get a lady, just to be a man and not a weak pussy!
    Been masculine is going after what you want without fear, having goals, ambitions, braking thru barriers, drive, purpose. Standing up for yourself, for your belives and for everyone you love. Have self respect, develope a healthy selfsteem, etc.

    Besides that, woman (whom are femenine) are naturally attracted to masculine men, but not just in the beginning but thru all the interction with them. The woman that is attracted to you because of your masculine behaviour, is going to reject you when you stop been masculine, woman are naturally designed to look for a man that is more masculine than they are. Is not about faking to be masculine, is about becoming one. If you are not there yet, fake it until you make it.

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