Can everyone tell me about your experience flatlining?

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  1. dylanfitz525

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    Since everyone respond to reboots differently, I wanted to hear about different experiences to flatling from many people to get a better idea of what to expect when I flatline. Please reply and describe your experience with flatlining.

    What I am mainly looking for is-
    • How long after the start of the reboot would you begin to flatline
    • How long does your flatline last
    • Does your sex drive and urges go away or just lessen
    • Are the changes sudden or gradual
    • Do other changes come with it (like a reverse Surge)
    Feel free to include any other information that you think would be helpful. Stories and feelings from your experiences are good to.
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  2. Hey dude!

    I can tell you my experience, which is a bit particoular. I PMOed for the last ten years so I think I hit the flatline long before I started reboot.
    Because of that on day 1 I immediatly hit the flatline, shrinken penis and balls, no urge at all, loss of interest in sex, girls etc, absolutely nothing. I couldn't even force myself to have a sexual fantasy, it was almost painful. But again I'm a strange case because I also developed OCD so my loss of libido is even worse than others. Anyway I felt glimpse of life around day 16/19 with good morning woods, wet dreams and some daily erections. This lasted three days and than back into the flatline, currently on day 25 and still stuck there.
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  3. adam1992

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    I'm pretty much like you bro...don't worry about it. Just don't try to test it, and your brain will try every trick to get that dopamine hit again.
    Good luck and Stay strong Man!
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  4. I got my first flatline after 2 weeks on my first NoFap attempt. I literally felt like a zombie. No emotions. I just always felt down. Also even my penis was like really small and felt numb. I didn't get aroused to anything. At the time I had no idea of what a flat line was and I was feeling confused and scared so I wanted to test out my dick since it wasn't getting hard at all but that messed up everything. You asked how long does your flatline last? That varies, depending on how much porn porn you watched growing up. And not everyone gets flat lines apparently. But if you do get one, don't "test" out your penis!! Embrace the flatline and take advantage of the fact that your libido is low af lol
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  5. OscarBoy

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    I've been steady NoFap for 330 days but I've relapsed twice, and the flatlines are completely random. There's no set pattern for me, but I would say about 60% of the last 11 months has been spent in a flat line. I experience "dead dick", when I do masturbate to my own thoughts the feeling is sub par, my erections feel at most 75% normal, I've had girls tell me my girth is lacking (which is fucking embarassing) I get premature ejaculation (I've come to the conclusion that this is from forcing myself to ejaculate quickly as a kid in order to avoid being caught). I get insecure, forgetful, memory down the shitter, passion and drive to do everyday tasks and study and live life hit rock bottom. It's awful but you have to push through. My two relapses were because I was getting scared. I thought I might have lost all feeling in my guy and I also gave into peer pressure because I told my friends about it and they've all been trying to convince me to watch porn since I told them because they think I'm weird for doing NoFap. I'm probably a worse case because I watched porn starting at like 8 or 9 years old and pretty much every day since until February 2015 (I'm 18 now) But believe in yourself and you will persevere! Also the surges are amazing so they make up for the flatlines!
  6. dylanfitz525

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    Thank you for all of your responses. They were all helpful and I think I have a better idea of what to expect. I definitely won't try to test out my penis when it happens. Since I know about what happens during the flatline, I will know that it is normal and I won't need to make sure nothing is wrong with me.

    I know everyone has different experiences and reactions so if everyone can keep posting it would be really helpful to get more information.

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